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RDP on in the US of A

Our dear Radio Jockey Genie just messaged us and told us that tracks from our album will be played on KBCS FM back home in the US 😉 !!

This will be an hour long feature between 2100 and 2300 PDT on Wednesday, the 26th of March which translates to 0930 to 1130 IST on Thursday, the 27th of March for us in India.

Please go over to the radio station’s website and check if the station is available where you are and if not, please do listen online! the radio streams live online also!!And once you listen, its time to come back and tell us what you thought 🙂

Thanks a ton Arpana for this!


The Album is on Sale!!!

The day has finally arrived! the album is on sale! and for those of you who have waited along with us … and now can wait no longer … here it is!! has started stocking and selling the album and everyone … HEAD THERE and get your copy! The first batch will run out soon … so get it NOW!!!

Once you buy the album, send us a photograph of you with the album and we will feature a few interesting photographs on the blog!!!And also … don’t forget your reviews of the album … send them to music at raghudixit dot com or just leave it as a comment here for everyone to see!