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Before we go on stage – Part Uno

There are those few moments before the band goes on stage to perform that are very tense and filled with nervousness … It happens to the best of us!

What I am talking to you about are the moments slightly before that kicks in! The band is absolutely mental before that, we do a range of things backstage that can only be termed “crazy” at best .. In this category fall quite a few things like the famous ‘RDT’ – the Raghu Dixit Tantrum which deserves a separate blog post about itself ..

So presenting to all of you … The different faces of the band!

Many times, we try to look inconspicuous (knowing that we are the stars and all 😛 ..) but there are two things that don’t let us do that … our clothes and our size! 😛 but then sometimes, we try to look like people we just can’t even if we try hard … or can we?

Sometimes the attention from the female fans is just way too much to handle … (yea yea .. its our blog .. we can say all this!) and so its required to go undetected. That is when we try a little bit of camouflage! which doesn’t quite work out sometimes ..

At our last gig, we were slightly early for sound-check or rather, the sound-check was a little later for us … since we were there at the allotted time! and it so happened that it was at the Miss Teen India beauty pageant that we decided it was only fair that we exercised our valuable judgement about the competition. And the mother of all coincidences was that there were 5 chairs laid out by the judges table just waiting for us to take our seats!

And we don’t disappoint when there is such expectation 😉 we take such jobs a little too seriously actually!

But finally .. the show goes on perfectly and we have only one person to thank for that .. our dear manager! We do have others to thank, but our managers deserve much more credit than they actually get … so this is for our dear management company, “Only Much Louder” .. you guys are the real rockstars! and no wonder .. when you are led by a true specimen such as … Vijay ‘one in a million’-Nair!!

Also .. a very very ‘Happy Birthday’ to our dear friend Shreyas who helped more than anyone else to get the band’s online presence working and for starting the Raghu Dixit Tribe which all of you should absolutely join!
Shreyas – Always remember .. Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese!
PS: All credit for the photographs (except for Shreyas’) goes to Mr. Nitin Joshi the Pentax weilding monster! and my good companion for anything related to photography!

Mumbai has been good!

We came to Mumbai on Thursday directly after our Calicut show and it has been quite super so far!

Our trip to the North East got confirmed! we are off to play in 15 cities in the 7 north east states and we start with Calcutta! That is going to be one hell of a trip and I am gearing up for it already!

I won the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year award for RadioVeRVe .. Read about that here ..

Jithin got his violin microphone!!! 😀 for people in the know .. its a big step forward 😉

We are playing tonight for the Miss Teen India Contest .. that should be a lot of fun 😉

And to confirm again … we are playing in Bangalore tomorrow! at the RV College of Engineering .. this will be our first show after a long long time in Bangalore .. we are told that we start by 2.30 .. so just confirm with the college if you can and land up for the show! and if you do … please do stop by and say hi after the gig!

Will keep you informed about more updates from our end! and there are many coming 🙂


In God’s own Country!

We have had a very interesting week so far .. after the jaunt at the Mirchi Studios, we headed to Calicut where we had the whole day to ourselves at the NIT Calicut guest house. We headed out to the beach which was a LONG LONG way from the guest house and then had some super Kerala food at one of Jithin’s recommended joints … After all, he is the Mallu boy and it was only fair to pay heed to his advice there ..

The show the next day was all over the place but Nitin and Navin worked brilliantly with the students of NIT who were sweet and accomodating and got some sort of order and the show could finally begin … The show itself was okay .. it wasn’t our best show and there were a ‘few incidents’ in the crowd which marred the first trip we took to Kerala … But lets focus on the positives …

Jithin’s parents finally got to see their son play live on stage with the band and they were overjoyed! His entire family was there with a few friends and they loved the show! atleast thats what they told us 😉

Inspite of how it went, we garnered quite a few fans and I must thank at this point, Anand and his friends who came and hung out with us after the show .. we are very very touched by your support and love for us!

Anand – you still owe me the list of names which you haven’t sent in!

Anand did read this post and send me the list of people who are featured in this photo above .. Thanks for that!

And I would like to really personally thank
Anand, Tushar, Naveen, Naidu, Harish, Prasad, Ajith, Deepak and Hussamuddin for a lovely evening!

We are determined to go back there soon and we’re sure this time round, things will be a lot better!

But that is past .. and we have moved on …

We are in Bombay now and are playing for the ‘Miss Teen India’ contest tomorrow which promises to be a blast! After that we head to Bangalore to play at RVCE on Sunday .. that will be a belter of a show! We haven’t played a public show in Bangalore for so long its not funny!! More about that soon!


Ripping Hummaa Apart!!

Thanks to Arjun who pointed out to us that we are on top of the charts on the Hummaa top 10 countdown. I went to check and its not just top of the charts, 4 out of the top 10 songs on the Hummaa chart at the moment are from the album!!

That sounds like something to be happy about 😀 .. now lets see if all 8 songs can get up there 😛


A good show and a clean room!

There are only 2 things a band on the road wants … A good show and a clean room. There is the money, there is the adulation and everything else that comes with it, but at the core of things, we would be really happy with a great show! sometimes even with a good show … and a nice place to go sleep at the end of the show!

A few shows happened recently which warmed our hearts and it would just be unfair for me to not mention it!

We went to Vasavi College very very very tired! It was over 10 hours of travel after shows that finished in the wee hours of the morning that we landed in Hyderabad. Raghu’s voice was completely sore and he din’t even make it for soundcheck eventually.

The minute we landed in the airport, there were a couple of students waiting for us and we even had a choice of cars for us to pick to take to the venue! That itself is quite something for us!

Nitin was at the venue and he had sorted the sound out, Siva worked on the drums and got that excuse of a drumkit to sound tight! Everything just worked like clockwork and it was a total pleasure working there and getting things into place. The tiredness and weariness just went out and things somehow just fell into place!

A large part of this turnaround was the way in which little things were taken care of for us which is really appreciated!

The other show we played recently was in Chennai where we played at the ArtSeek Music Festival which we really were blown away by the variety and the freshness of the music we saw! But that is a whole new topic which I will talk about soon!

For now .. thanks Vasavi College especially Kapil and the other boys who did everything there! You guys rock!


The ArtSeek Music festival – Chennai

We’re headed to Chennai today to play at the ArtSeek Music festival organised by our very own ‘Darbuka Siva‘. The festival has some wonderful musicians and a very wide variety of music.

We will be playing in Chennai for a public audience for the first time ever! and since its the hometown of 3 of our band members, we expect some super audience support and a kickass show!

If you are in Chennai, please to make yourself available at the ArtSeek Music Festival

Details available on the poster .. Click here to buy tickets!


We’re ripping the charts apart at Crossword, Bangalore

I went today to Crossword on Residency Road, Bangalore to get something for a friend and while I was there I decided it was time to check if our album was available there and so I went to the music section and asked for ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ CD.

The sales man was ecstatic! he was overjoyed that someone was asking for the album .. he personally walked me to the section and said that he recommends it whole heartedly and I should definitely buy the album. Now, at this point, he still doesn’t know that I play for the band, so I play along with him and ask him why he thinks so and he keeps raving about how the songs were lovely and how it grew on him and how he plays it in the store and everyone asks which CD it is and wants to buy it!!!

So then I mentioned to him that I play for the band, and he was even more kicked!! he changed the music in the store to play his favourite, the Kannada songs from the album and was going non stop about how he likes the music!

Since I am anyway all set for a life on the road, I pulled out my recorder which was in the car and went on to record him saying all that!

So push play and yenjoy 🙂 !!