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The Accident

I had refrained from posting anything about the accident and was shocked to see a variety of versions of what happened floating around and I thought it was time to clarify .. So pardon me for the late update ..

It was all going well and fine and we were rocking the shows at the Roots Music festival when on that fateful morning, the car carrying Raghu, Keith and Anung crashed off the road near a village called Gohpur on the way from Diphu to Itanagar.

All three of them were rushed to the nearest hospital which was of not much use anyway and then transferred to actual medical care in Itanagar’s RK Mission Hospital.

Raghu dislocated his left shoulder and sustained a chip fracture on his left shoulder also and was treated the same day. He is completely out of danger and is on the way to a full recovery. He has been advised a lot of rest and is back in Bangalore to just chill for a while 🙂

Infact, we played the show in Itanagar with Raghu coming on stage with a crepe bandage tied all over his upper body and left hand in a sling and singing and dancing and jumping around like he always does to one of the best audiences we have ever seen! over 6000 people jumping along with us made it a moment that brought a slight tear to my eye 🙂 .. Pics of that event will be up soon .. it is something we hope to do again very very soon once Raghu recovers fully.

Keith managed to escape without a lot of injuries and was just shaken up from the accident and sustained a few bodily bruises which have completely healed.

Anung sustained the most injuries from the accident and is being treated in Delhi. I will update you about her status soon. She is completely out of danger and the doctors are still holding off from any surgery because she is recovering amazingly herself.

Thanks all of you for showing your love and appreciation and concern and I am happy to let you know that all is well on the south side of the Vindhyas!

There is a LOT more stuff happening behind the scenes which will be unleashed very soon .. so don’t you even think of going anywhere!


Roots Music Festival 08 – Dimapur

Yesterday was our first gig on the tour and we played to a smallish (by the standards here) crowd in Dimapur and it was a really nice gig and a completely new experience for us!

Firstly, it was our first proper gig in the North East, if you discount the Guwahati gig of course but that was in the closed confines of the IIT Guwahati, so this was certainly a first. Also, it was the first time we were playing without a drummer / percussionist since Siva is still traveling on his tour of China and will be joining us from the next show. So it was a really unfamiliar scene that we stepped into!

But the crowd made up for a lot of what we missed from the drums! they were completely brilliant, vocal and they pushed us on and on! and we went with the flow 🙂

It was a lovely gig and meeting all the people after the show was definitely one of the highlights of the gig, we managed to sell a few CDs and take lots of photographs and we ended the night with a lovely dinner and jam where some interesting things happened which I shall tell you all about later ..

But the surprise part of the whole night was that it is our guitarist Vijay’s birthday today and we din’t know at all!! but as the clock struck 12 the news leaked out and everyone joined in to sing “Happy Birthday” with Vijay himself playing guitars 😀

The trip has just begun …

PS: All photos taken by the wonderful “Red Bantoo”. All credit to him 🙂


Back to the roots!

This is a quick blog post to let you all know that all is well and we are on ‘Roots Music Festival Tour ’08’ and are having a total blast!

The first show was in Imphal and the tour received a tremendous response! we had about 4000 people in the audience and everyone LOVED it!

The travelling party has moved from Imphal to Dimapur but a few of us stayed back in Kohima today and I recommend this place to each and every one of you!! Atleast once in your life, head to the North East of India, its an experience you will never forget 🙂

The band landed in Dimapur a little while back and we will be playing and unplugged set tomorrow and that should be a total blast .. I will post a better update and more pics soon .. but this is to let you all know that all is well and you can expect a TON of stuff from us 🙂


Psycho – The Audio Release

The ripples have started showing on radio in Bangalore and quite a few of you have been noticing! So now its time to make it official! Raghu Dixit Productions has ventured into music for Kannada movies and the first movie ‘Psycho’ is finally done and two of the songs (the only two made public) from the soundtrack ‘Mahadeshwara’ and ‘Neene Beku’ have been creating quite a stir we hear 🙂

The music will be launched on the 3rd of May at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall at 7 PM by Shivraj Kumar, one of the biggest movie icons in the Kannada movie industry and also by our favourite Bollywood duo Vishal and Shekhar who are flying in exclusively for this launch!

Now the good part of all this … The event is free to attend and we would love it if *ALL* of you can attend this event! If you are in Bangalore on Saturday, you know where you should be … and also, this time round we have given you enough notice 🙂

Also, head to the facebook page for the event and RSVP. We are putting up our own little space on the Internet with clips of music from the movie soundtrack that you can sample. Watch of for more Psycho stuff to come 😉