My favourite RDP memories in pictures ..

Over the past two years or so that I have been playing with the band, there have been some wonderful memories that are very special to me … the following is a list of such memories for which I could find pictures! this list shall grow much longer ..

So I present to you .. in no particular order …

This was long long back … we were in Delhi for the Indian Social Forum and because of a variety of things, our schedule was all over the place and we ended up staying in our hotel rooms for 2 whole days! On the night of the show, we decided to stop on the way for dinner and then carry on to the venue and Bobby, our manager said he knew this super place to eat at. I don’t recollect where it is in Delhi, but this place is sinful! that night we gorged on food like we were starving for weeks … Thankfully the show got postponed to the next morning because there was no way we could have performed after how much we ate there!

This is more a Raghu memory that is a legend now. This is the place where the miracle finally unfolded. Raghu played a solo acoustic sing along gig at the Zenzi club in Mumbai where Vishal and Shekhar saw him and signed him up for their brand new record label and the rest hopefully will be history!

This is an absolute classic! what do you get when you take 3 guys who have never worn a dhoti in their lives and put them in a band where they have to perform in dhotis? you get 3 people who look clueless before every show!! Anirban and me ended having to go through some training to get started in this art ..

The ‘Hey Bhagwan’ video shoot was brilliant! it was the first taste of actually how big this thing we signed up for was going to be. It was a wonderful experience that I have documented here for those who are interested!

Our wonderful band management company. There is one person missing in this picture and he probably is touring the country collecting ammunition for his new book! These guys are always smiling, probably to make us believe that everything is alrite! its quite awesome how they manage to do what they do … but then they are managers for a reason!

Raghu’s acting skills! There are these times when Raghu manages to come up with the most crazy pose! This was at a friend’s place where we were having a sing along session and Raghu managed to come up with this ‘behind the bars’ pose!

Siva ‘mini’, the actual superstar of the group. Manages to find his own brand of humour in every single situation … he always has the funniest thing to say about everything! in many ways, he is the reason travelling with the band is a breeze … there is always some entertainment! This is at the Lycra MTV Style awards where Siva saw the giant screws on the set and decided to ‘screw around’ !!

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2 Responses to “My favourite RDP memories in pictures ..”

  1. 1 swati metya
    February 10, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    hey, i m frm haldia… i guess u remembr this place.u hd a blst hr on 3rd feb…. i jst LOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE yuor experiment with sargam… i am graduate in Ravindra sangeet… i generlly dn’t lk rock music… bt u md me wrng.. I jst fl in looooovveeee wid ur view 4 singing….A big Thanx 2 change my mind….

    Swati…(4th year student of HIT)

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