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Meeting at Coffee Day

[UPDATE] – If you couldn’t come yesterday, there are passes left behind at the Coffee Day on Cunningham road. Not the one in Sigma Mall. Please Pick them up on your way to the concert.

Raghu and I went to Coffee Day yesterday for the much awaited meeting with everyone who had asked for passes for our show today! We went armed with about a 100 passes and more importantly went there to meet everyone who would come and were fans of our music 🙂

We keep hearing how people who really liked us in a show could not come and meet us after the show and are really excited to meet us and thought this was a brilliant way to do just that!

The turnout was a tad lower than we expected, but it is completely understandable that people from a little far away could not really get through the maddening traffic in the city to make it on time and also like someone pointed out to us later, there was another coffee day in Sigma Mall on Cunningham Road, so I am hoping many people din’t go there and miss us that way.

Anyway, for the people that did show up, we had a nice round of introductions and conversation, lots of photos were taken and lots of passes were given out as well! Now we hope all of you turn up for the show and get more with you when you come!

For those that couldn’t make it, we have left the remaining passes at the Coffee Day counter itself. Please go there and pick it up on your way to the concert!


Collect your passes!

A *HUGE* round of thanks to all of you for commenting and wanting to come for the show on Friday, the 23rd! I have your passes with me and Raghu and I would like to meet you guys and personally give them to you!

If you haven’t already collected your passes, then read and comment at once! That is how I am keeping track of the number of passes I should get.

So if you have commented, please come to the Coffee Day on Cunningham Road at 6PM on Thursday, 22nd Jan, 2009, collect your passes and have a chat with us!

It will be great to catch up with all of you!


Nokia – “Touch The Tune” in Bangalore

The Raghu Dixit Project plays at the Nokia “Touch The Tune” concert in Bangalore at the Palace Grounds on the 23rd of January at the Palace grounds. Also playing along with us is Karsh Kale (absolutely brilliant contemporary music from India and has worked with the likes of Anoushka Shankar, Norah Jones and Sting!) and Midival Punditz (one of the biggest electronica acts in the country)

The show starts at 7 PM and goes on till about 11 PM. Head to the event page for this concert on Facebook and RSVP! Also, invite all your friends to the show!

I managed to score some passes for the concert and so if any of wants passes to the show, leave a message here and I will tell you how you can pick them up from me personally! The special Raghu Dixit Project friends and family offer 🙂


Mysore Se Aayi – The Dance

Very recently I came across this video of a dance for ‘Mysore Se Aayi’ that was performed at the ‘Anandabalaga‘ by Aditya Kavoor which was directed by Rohan Raj from Nritarutya!

It is a really sweet effort and I think all of you should see it! And send Aditya a comment if you like it 🙂