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On sale in Germany and the MySpace Launch

And another lovely update for all of you … the CD is now on sale in Germany. Go to and grab your copy NOW!!!

We’ve priced it as low as we could and Amazon promises to deliver as soon as you order so it makes for a good combination 🙂 If you already have a copy, get your friends to buy one, else just buy it for them 😉

In other news, the MySpace launch was a blast! we played a brilliant set and had a tremendous audience and to everyone’s surprise .. we even shot the video for ‘Ambar’!!!! More about that soon …

Keep coming back, the season has just begun and the pot has just begun boiling!


The CD is on sale in the US of A!!

This was probably the one question that was most asked over the last month!

“I stay in the US of A … Where can I get the CD?”

And now we have found you the best solution possible!! The CD is on sale on CD Baby dot Com  and they have promised to deliver our CDs on a high priority basis! so you should have no issues getting your copy anymore!!

Head to  and order your copy NOW and while you are at it, order for your friends and family and everyone you can think of! I’ve heard it makes a great present for you boss also 😉

This is the first time CD Baby has agreed to stock more than 5 copies of one artist at a time because we have guaranteed that they will sell these out very very quickly! now .. its time to show them that we were not kidding!

Also, can you people from the US shoot a small video of you unboxing the CD when you receive the CD from CD Baby!


The Album is on Sale!!!

The day has finally arrived! the album is on sale! and for those of you who have waited along with us … and now can wait no longer … here it is!! has started stocking and selling the album and everyone … HEAD THERE and get your copy! The first batch will run out soon … so get it NOW!!!

Once you buy the album, send us a photograph of you with the album and we will feature a few interesting photographs on the blog!!!And also … don’t forget your reviews of the album … send them to music at raghudixit dot com or just leave it as a comment here for everyone to see!

The CD has begun surfacing!

So we just got back from playing at the Eastwind Festival and as we were getting ready to go to the festival, Raghu started getting messages from people congratulating him about the album and how lovely they thought it looked and stuff like that!

A visibly shocked Raghu made a few calls and it turns out, the Counter Culture store at the festival decided it was time to start getting the CDs out! and had actually started selling CDs!!!!!

So its official people … the CD IS OUT!!!! The official launch is on 26th in Bombay and the CD will be available at a store near you … very soon! But the CD is out and its time you guys who got it started telling us and everyone else what you thought of it.

These are a few pictures to whet your appetite, of the album on sale and the first few fans to buy it in Delhi! We clearly outsold any other artiste on sale at the EastWind Festival … Now we’re hoping that will happen country wide!

Raghu made quite a few fans today and signed many autographs and most importantly, the wait is finally over! and this time there is no more postponement …

We now step into the next chapter!