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And we loved Kolkotta!

It was a really early flight that took us from our respective homes to Kolkotta and ‘The Park’ where we stayed had things completely sorted for us! everything was smooth sailing and before we could see enough of Kolkotta, we were in our hotel rooms catching up on sleep 🙂

The landscape of Kolkotta is drastically changing and there are tons of new buildings coming up all over the place! but we absolutely loved the yellow cabs and the trams that frequent the city. Also, the vintage architecture of the buildings in the heart of the city was a refreshing change to the modern complexes and malls that have sprung up.

We landed for soundcheck and saw that we were well publicized all over the place there and we were promised that playing at “Somplace Else” on a saturday night will be an experience we won’t forget and we certainly did not!

The place itself is quite small but it is a brilliant ambience and it was a series of firsts! It was the first time for us in Kolkotta, the first time in a proper club for us and it was one of the only times a vernacular band has ever played in ‘SomePlace Else’ … All this made it a really special evening in the offing!

After a nice sound check, we headed back for a snooze and then a quick shower and the show started by 10.30PM and for us who come from Bangalore, it is unbelievable that a gig (a full gig) can start at 10.30 and go on past midnight and to top that .. have another band that plays after that! But supposedly, in Kolkotta, thats the norm!!!

The place as promised was filled to the brim with people and there was hardly any space left for us to even get from the door to the stage! But the packed house made it for a very nice gig and it was filled with energy from the word go!

Huge applause to Nitin for getting the sound figured out and to the sound guy from Someplace Else for knowing his stuff when things broke down for a bit during the show.

Thanks everyone for coming in such large numbers and the Park Hotel! One of the finest experiences we’ve had … Our first time at Kolkotta was absolutely stunning and we’d love to get back! 🙂

Pictures of the actual show are coming up and if any of you were at the gig and took pics or videos, please put them up somewhere or send them to us .. let us know!


Some Place Else tomorrow

For the first time ever, ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ will play in Kolkotta, at a venue which has become synonymous with music in India.

We arrive tomorrow in Kolkotta to play at “Somplace Else” and we promise you it shall be a total blast, so get all your friends and come along … We’ll do our best to take you ‘someplace else’ 😉

So tomorrow, the 26th of April, if you are in Kolkotta, you need to be at SomePlace Else, 9 PM onwards …

This is the official blog entry by SomePlace Else. Check with the venue about exact timings and passes etc.


Putting some ‘Soul’ into the Music

Much has been written about the MySpace launch in Mumbai and how it was one hell of a party, but the twin launch in Pune has been forgotten a little bit. For us, it was one of the best shows we have played at a venue that was really really wonderful!

We landed in Pune after being delayed by almost two hours by one hell of a jam on the highway, and I don’t mean with our instruments!

It was our first time in Pune and infact it was the first time for all 3 bands that played that day. Nitin was in his best spirits as he made us feel welcome in his city 🙂

The sound check was run of the mill and I loved the tone I managed to squeeze out of the bass amp that was given to me that day! We had our lunch and it was time to rest and play some mini-golf (which I must admit I am quite good at :P) … did I mention it was a lovely venue?!? … well .. it was!

The show started somewhat on time and it was a brilliant acoustic set by Them Clones that set the tone for the evening. Swarathma followed them and I must say that was the best I’ve seen of them on stage. Both band raised the expectations quite high and we were up next looking at a very very energetic and enthusiastic crowd! The best kind of environment for a performer!

At this time, I should mention our dear friends Rewben Mahsanghwa and his little dynamite of a son ‘Saka’. Raghu calls Rewben “The Heritage Protector” because he embodies all that is good about our culture and heritage. He is a truly inspiring person and an amazing musician who makes all the instruments that he plays! and he plays quite a wide variety of them!

His son Saka is such a bundle of energy! he never stops running around … EVER! and looks like a full on rock star on stage with his shades and super costume!

Together they make music that is so truly amazing! it is simple and pure and from the heart, the one song we heard and played together was called “Lets Beautify” which spoke to the youth about beautifying our culture and going back to the roots. Check out the video clip of us doing part of the song live .. I just found it on youtube! A huge thanks to whoever put that up 🙂

The show was brilliant! the sound was fantastic .. and the audience was one of the best we’ve played to .. Now I hope they run to the stores and get our album 😉


On sale in Germany and the MySpace Launch

And another lovely update for all of you … the CD is now on sale in Germany. Go to and grab your copy NOW!!!

We’ve priced it as low as we could and Amazon promises to deliver as soon as you order so it makes for a good combination 🙂 If you already have a copy, get your friends to buy one, else just buy it for them 😉

In other news, the MySpace launch was a blast! we played a brilliant set and had a tremendous audience and to everyone’s surprise .. we even shot the video for ‘Ambar’!!!! More about that soon …

Keep coming back, the season has just begun and the pot has just begun boiling!


Getting back on track ..

I know its been a long time since I visited this place and you can blame that on the nice long break that we enjoyed (to an extent) with the band and also on “corporate life” which keeps one end tied up 😉

But we’re back on track and we’re letting it rip (in a not so literal kind of way)!

The band is in Mumbai today and we are back at our favourite venue, the Bandra Fort Amphitheatre to play at the launch of MySpace India. The show starts at 6 PM and the line-up is about as good as it can get, so if you are in Mumbai today, your evening is booked!

Or else …

For invites, go over to MySpace and just land up .. from there, we take you to a different place 🙂


Before we go on stage – Part Uno

There are those few moments before the band goes on stage to perform that are very tense and filled with nervousness … It happens to the best of us!

What I am talking to you about are the moments slightly before that kicks in! The band is absolutely mental before that, we do a range of things backstage that can only be termed “crazy” at best .. In this category fall quite a few things like the famous ‘RDT’ – the Raghu Dixit Tantrum which deserves a separate blog post about itself ..

So presenting to all of you … The different faces of the band!

Many times, we try to look inconspicuous (knowing that we are the stars and all 😛 ..) but there are two things that don’t let us do that … our clothes and our size! 😛 but then sometimes, we try to look like people we just can’t even if we try hard … or can we?

Sometimes the attention from the female fans is just way too much to handle … (yea yea .. its our blog .. we can say all this!) and so its required to go undetected. That is when we try a little bit of camouflage! which doesn’t quite work out sometimes ..

At our last gig, we were slightly early for sound-check or rather, the sound-check was a little later for us … since we were there at the allotted time! and it so happened that it was at the Miss Teen India beauty pageant that we decided it was only fair that we exercised our valuable judgement about the competition. And the mother of all coincidences was that there were 5 chairs laid out by the judges table just waiting for us to take our seats!

And we don’t disappoint when there is such expectation 😉 we take such jobs a little too seriously actually!

But finally .. the show goes on perfectly and we have only one person to thank for that .. our dear manager! We do have others to thank, but our managers deserve much more credit than they actually get … so this is for our dear management company, “Only Much Louder” .. you guys are the real rockstars! and no wonder .. when you are led by a true specimen such as … Vijay ‘one in a million’-Nair!!

Also .. a very very ‘Happy Birthday’ to our dear friend Shreyas who helped more than anyone else to get the band’s online presence working and for starting the Raghu Dixit Tribe which all of you should absolutely join!
Shreyas – Always remember .. Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese!
PS: All credit for the photographs (except for Shreyas’) goes to Mr. Nitin Joshi the Pentax weilding monster! and my good companion for anything related to photography!

Rising up the Charts!!

Thanks to our ever vigilant friends we try to keep ourselves updated with the latest charts from all over .. and we seem to be doing better with every passing week.

We are now at #3 on the Radio Mirchi / Times Music chart which is based on sales at Planet M outlets across the country!!! This means a lot of you are buying the music and I can’t tell you how grateful the band is that you guys are doing that! Once you have bought the music, you should join ‘The Raghu Dixit Tribe’ at once!

Thanks Abhishek Pandey for sending us this info! Do send us more updates as they come!

I also did a quick check at Hummaa dot com, we are beginning to own the chart there. Hey Bhagwan leads the pack by a mile and the first 3 positions are our songs! Thanks to everyone who has been listening to us on Hummaa dot com, I hope you guys have bought the music though! 😛

The band is preparing for a highly gruelling tour that is coming up in less than a month’s time .. so keep your eyes and ears open for that!