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Hong Kong – RTHK

I know I have been a little late in updating you chaps about the shows in Hong Kong, so let me not waste time with BS and get right to it.

The first show we had was at the live studio of RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) where our gig was being recorded live to be aired on Radio. It was the tour opener and there were a lot of firsts associated with that gig. Our first proper foreign tour, the first time we played in Hong Kong, the first time our show was being recorded live for radio, it was also Vijay Joseph’s first trip abroad!

We entered post lunch for our sound check and everything was set up for us and we spent most of our time just tweaking settings and inspite of the language barrier, it was not too difficult to get things set up the way we liked and it was time to get rolling at the show.

The show itself was quite stunning because the audience we had was 95% Chinese and we got them to jump and dance and sing and scream and more importantly sing “Har Saans Mein” with us!! Who would’ve thought 😛

This was a picture taken after the show with the band and people from RTHK and the Consulate. Read about the concert and listen to it at the following location –


Hong Kong – Day 1

It started well! The first day in Kowloon was good for us to get used to the place and the temperature 😛 (Now I am just trying a star tantrum .. Its all fine!) We’ve been taken care of very well and are staying in pretty much the center of Kwonloon on the very fashionable ‘Kimberly street’ which I call the ‘marriage central’ considering the number of marriage shops around!

The hotel we stay in has some very interesting furniture which Raghu took a fancy to and as you an see in this picture, he was going ga-ga over the sofas and the couches!

Also, yesterday was the first time we saw the brand new Raghu Dixt Project T-Shirts and I should tell you they look quite fantastic! so the next you catch us at a gig, a T-Shirt is a must buy! Here is Vijay modelling for the T-Shirts. So tell us what you think!

Of course he is not a model, not yet atleast, but he did take some time to prepart himself in the many mirrors on the wall that don’t really show you anything!

After that, we headed to the venue of the show to take a look at the venue we will be performing at the next day. The lovely Stacey showed us around and it looked like a good place to play a show! And this will be the first ever time that we are recorded as a band to go on National Radio!

We closed the evening with a dinner hosted by the Indian Embassy at the Foreign correspondents club which was quite lovely and EXTREMELY Filling!!

Thats it for now .. more to come soon!


Reached Hong Kong

Just a quick update to say that we have reached Hong Kong and that all is well! It was a safe and quick flight and the Official Passports made everything easy after we landed … So three cheers to the Government of India!


The New Wardrobe and “We’re Off!!”

We started a trend with the lungis on stage and it was time to re-invent ourselves and so with the help of the lovely Ashwini Shashidhar, we have a brand new wardrobe which we will debut on the tour of South East Asia!

But earlier today, we had a shoot for a local TV channel called ‘Suvarna TV’ for which we decided to wear our new clothes (if you are even thinking about the “emperor’s new clothes” funda … sorry to burst your bubble :P)

So here we are .. in our brand new attire 🙂

So tell us what you think! basically, that means … tell us how much you love it!

And also … we are off in the next couple of minutes to Hong Kong and to a whole new world and so I thought I’d leave you with a parting shot! Us saying bye with our “Official Diplomatic Paspports” in hand 😉

– Joke of the day – All credit for this goes to Vijay Nair

What do you call Darbuka Siva when he is totally scared?

Darpuka Siva!


Our Mini-World Tour!

So its finally happening 🙂

The Raghu Dixit Project embarks on its biggest tour yet when we travel to South East Asia for a series of concerts in Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea and Japan!

We don’t have a fixed iternary in each place yet but this is our schedule for now

Hong Kong – 17th September – 21st September

Vladivostok, Russia – 22nd September -26th September

Tokyo, Japan – 26th September – 2nd October

Seoul, South Korea – 2nd October – 5th October

So if you have any friends in these places, please do let them know we are coming and we would love to have  them at our shows!

While you are at it, some things to check out

– Details about our show in Hong Kong here

– South China Morning Post writes about us here

More to come very soon!


RDP @ JIPMER, Pondicherry

The Raghu Dixit Project plays tomorrow at JIPMER, Pondicherry for their annual cul-fest ‘Spandan-08’. Considering how our last show in Delhi went off, I am expecting this show to be a complete rocker!! so if you are in the vicinity and that means Chennai also :P, its a nice drive and will be some great music!

So come over and join the party with us 🙂

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