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The Famous Headbang!

Every rock musician (well .. I am going out on a limb here by saying ‘every’), let me rephrase .. quite a few rock musicians including me loved the image of the headbanging rocker! and a large part of that image was the long hair swinging wildly on stage which combined with the lights and the smoke on stage made things even more enticing!

So when 5 guys clad in lungis go up on stage and sing Indian Folk music, the last thing the audience expects is such wild headbanging! but the Raghu Dixit Project is not just another band doing ‘fusion’ music (what is that anyway! .. the definition is so muddied now its like saying ‘alternative’ ..). We love being ourselves on stage and enjoying the music we play … its based on a concept that Raghu kept telling us about .. if the performer enjoys the performance, the audience’s joy is doubled and that joy is translated back to the performer until one point when everyone’s experience is elevated. This goes for Raghu’s wild jumping, his ghungroos, our synchronized dances, the headbanging, everything!

What I wanted to share was a sequence of images that were captured at our launch gig where I was headbanging away (I think the song was Gudugudiya .. a song I LOVE playing on stage!!) and Shilpa managed to snap this …