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Touch the Tune Concert

I apologize firstly for the delay in doing this and its about time I did! So here we go ..

The show was something all of us in the band were looking forward to with the greatest enthusiasm. We were dying to play a big show in Bangalore and it was after a long time that we got such a show in place.

Also, the day before the concert, we met a lot of our friends who wanted to come for the show and couldn’t find tickets elsewhere and gave them passes for the show. Before the show began however, it was a little grim because none of us were sure of the turn out and considering the fact that we were to go on by 8 PM on a work day with Bangalore’s traffic being what it is, it was not looking any good!

But when we did get on stage, it was a treat to see about 6000 screaming people in the audience who as it turned out were very familiar with our music and loved it!

That was enough of a push for us to put together a wonderful set and we got going from the first song onward! The band was full of energy and enthusiasm and were jumping around like wild teenagers on stage! The sound had a few issues on stage but we were in no mood to worry about any of that. The response we got was absolutely fantastic and we made quite a few fans that day I must say!

Karsh Kale and the Punditz who followed us were in a league of their own and were a fitting finale to the event. The organizers managed to get the concert extended long enough for a nice set from the band though I think it was Pappon who stole the show after he taught all of us how to ‘Banaao’!

A huge round of thanks to Kalyan Varma and Noella D’sa for the super photos of that night! We are still to see the rest of them though 😛