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Breaking the Silence!

Its been a long long silence and a very tough one to maintain if you know the kind of people that we are (who usually love making a big noise :P) but we are finally getting back on track after Raghu’s accident.

Expect a lot of things to move at break-neck speed (no pun intended ;)!! ).. Okay okay! I will stop with these sidey puns.

This is to inform you chaps that the band is finally getting together after its long hiatus and we will be playing tomorrow in Chennai a the Taj Coromondel for a private event. If you guys are in Chennai and want to come by and say Hi! Get in touch!!

It feels good …

In the meanwhile, a couple of interesting videos have made their way to YouTube and if you guys haven’t checked them yet, make sure you do NOW!!

The one shown here is a video of us playing in Itanagar – a day after the accident! This was a fully brilliant show!

There are a few more videos that require a lot of explaining which Raghu himself has promised to do! so watch this space 🙂

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