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‘Rock On’ for Humanity

It was a true splash and dash when we had to land up in the morning on Friday in Mumbai for the Rock On for Humanity gig. It was the same day that ‘Psycho’ was premiering and Raghu was torn between the two 🙂

The band made it earlier, and Raghu as a compromise managed to catch the first glimpses of the film and more importantly the crowd reaction to the music and the movie before he rushed to Mumbai for what would be a truly magical (or should I say ‘Magik’al) night!

The sound check went on quite well and Dwayne on the mixer did a fabulous job of helping us get things in order in under 30 minutes and Bobby and Nikhil of OML worked overtime to ensure that all glitches like the massive power cut in between our soundcheck were all sorted out and nothing repeated in the evening!

The gig started early and surprisingly for a show that had so many bands playing, was on time for the entire evening! The line up for the entire evening was easily among the best gig lineups I have seen in the country and there was no band that you could really skip .. it was 5 hours of pure entertainment!

We were up on stage after Avial (who I watched for the first time ever live and LOVED!) and we proceeded to completely rock the venue! The audience was just brilliant and seemed to be rooting for us from the word go! The set consisted of Hey Bhagwan, Mysore Se Aayi and Har Saans Mein as we had only 20 minutes or rather 3 songs to play because they needed to shut the show down at 10 PM. But like Siva says, it drains you more when you put 200% in a 3 song set than play a whole show and it was close to what happened 😀

It was really nice to see the reaction we got on stage and was even better to meet with all the ‘Big Boys from Bollywood’. What warmed my heart the most was the fact that the organizing team raised *4 CRORES* for the cause and achieving that around a concert in India makes me happier than ever!

So a HUGE round of thanks and appreciation to the entire team that put this together and especially to Farhan Akthar, Arjun Rampal and Ritesh Sidhwani who came up with and drove this idea to such success!

If any of you was at the event and happened to catch us play, please do leave us a comment! let us know what you thought.


Before we go on stage – Part Uno

There are those few moments before the band goes on stage to perform that are very tense and filled with nervousness … It happens to the best of us!

What I am talking to you about are the moments slightly before that kicks in! The band is absolutely mental before that, we do a range of things backstage that can only be termed “crazy” at best .. In this category fall quite a few things like the famous ‘RDT’ – the Raghu Dixit Tantrum which deserves a separate blog post about itself ..

So presenting to all of you … The different faces of the band!

Many times, we try to look inconspicuous (knowing that we are the stars and all 😛 ..) but there are two things that don’t let us do that … our clothes and our size! 😛 but then sometimes, we try to look like people we just can’t even if we try hard … or can we?

Sometimes the attention from the female fans is just way too much to handle … (yea yea .. its our blog .. we can say all this!) and so its required to go undetected. That is when we try a little bit of camouflage! which doesn’t quite work out sometimes ..

At our last gig, we were slightly early for sound-check or rather, the sound-check was a little later for us … since we were there at the allotted time! and it so happened that it was at the Miss Teen India beauty pageant that we decided it was only fair that we exercised our valuable judgement about the competition. And the mother of all coincidences was that there were 5 chairs laid out by the judges table just waiting for us to take our seats!

And we don’t disappoint when there is such expectation 😉 we take such jobs a little too seriously actually!

But finally .. the show goes on perfectly and we have only one person to thank for that .. our dear manager! We do have others to thank, but our managers deserve much more credit than they actually get … so this is for our dear management company, “Only Much Louder” .. you guys are the real rockstars! and no wonder .. when you are led by a true specimen such as … Vijay ‘one in a million’-Nair!!

Also .. a very very ‘Happy Birthday’ to our dear friend Shreyas who helped more than anyone else to get the band’s online presence working and for starting the Raghu Dixit Tribe which all of you should absolutely join!
Shreyas – Always remember .. Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese!
PS: All credit for the photographs (except for Shreyas’) goes to Mr. Nitin Joshi the Pentax weilding monster! and my good companion for anything related to photography!