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Oye Its Friday

I know its been a while since we went to shoot for the Farhan Akthar show, ‘Oye Its Friday’. And this time round, I have been waiting to make this post till today very intentionally! This is to announce that we are featured TONIGHT on ‘Oye Its Friday!’. Watch it on NDTV Imagine at 10 PM.

Now for the long story!

We landed up at the magnificient ‘YashRaj Film Studio’ in Mumbai bright and early and ready to shoot for the first time on a talkshow on National TV! We were hustled into one of the many changing rooms where we just about managed to keep our luggage and had to leave to the studio for a sound check!

The sound check passed off without incident and was quite a breeze actually because of the lovely Nitin Joshi who was handling sound that day and also photography! infact, all these photos that you see are courtesy him! He is a total case of a man who is torn between two passions and is excellent at both!

Back to the story, After sound check we met everyone from ‘Jazz Junction’, the in-house band for the show who are capable of so much more than you see them play on the show each week! and each of them is a brilliant musician and singer in his/her own right. They informed us that we were infact, the first band that ever played everything live on the show and we were sounding good that day! it was a HUGE pat on the back! To go on National TV with the confidence that we can nail our stuff live!

Once that was done, it was time for us to go get some ‘make up’ on and come back down totally transformed for the show. By now, the man himself, Saurav ‘Dada’ Ganguly was on set finishing his part of the show before he left and we could go up on stage! Dada though had to leave early and was not on stage with us for later part of the show or to watch us perform!

We had to do two songs on stage and they would pick and edit our performance later to suit the format of the show. So we went up and belted ‘Mysore se Aayi’ and ‘Hey Bhagwan’ and the people from the show said it was a wrap after the first time itself! and we were just warming up and thought it was a run through! However, we were not so happy with the rendition of Hey Bhagwan and chose to repeat that song.

At this point I must make a mention of the lovely audience! These guys are extras who were brought in to the show and were strictly instructed to “Clap and show energy when the band is playing live!” but honestly, looking at them that day, I don’t think they were going wild just because they were instructed to 😛

In all fairness to them, they put a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm in us and it was just plain fun to play for them!

We were then called back on stage for the finale of the show and met Farhan Akthar who remembered us from the ‘Rock Gig’ that we had played months back! he chatted us up before going up on stage to do the end credits along with all the performers of the night and the ‘Oye Girls!’.

So the Moral of the story – The show airs tonight, Friday, 27th of February between 10 and 11 PM on NDTV Imagine. Make sure you tune in! and please do tell us what you thought of our performance!

Thanks in advance and I just have to do this .. “OYE!!”



The lovely folks at BabbleFish Studios put together a video as a tribute to the entire nation coming together after the Mumbai terror attacks and they used an old song that Raghu had written.

Check the video out and tell us what you think! Also, while you are at it, rate the video there and tell your friends about it 🙂


‘Rock On’ for Humanity

It was a true splash and dash when we had to land up in the morning on Friday in Mumbai for the Rock On for Humanity gig. It was the same day that ‘Psycho’ was premiering and Raghu was torn between the two 🙂

The band made it earlier, and Raghu as a compromise managed to catch the first glimpses of the film and more importantly the crowd reaction to the music and the movie before he rushed to Mumbai for what would be a truly magical (or should I say ‘Magik’al) night!

The sound check went on quite well and Dwayne on the mixer did a fabulous job of helping us get things in order in under 30 minutes and Bobby and Nikhil of OML worked overtime to ensure that all glitches like the massive power cut in between our soundcheck were all sorted out and nothing repeated in the evening!

The gig started early and surprisingly for a show that had so many bands playing, was on time for the entire evening! The line up for the entire evening was easily among the best gig lineups I have seen in the country and there was no band that you could really skip .. it was 5 hours of pure entertainment!

We were up on stage after Avial (who I watched for the first time ever live and LOVED!) and we proceeded to completely rock the venue! The audience was just brilliant and seemed to be rooting for us from the word go! The set consisted of Hey Bhagwan, Mysore Se Aayi and Har Saans Mein as we had only 20 minutes or rather 3 songs to play because they needed to shut the show down at 10 PM. But like Siva says, it drains you more when you put 200% in a 3 song set than play a whole show and it was close to what happened 😀

It was really nice to see the reaction we got on stage and was even better to meet with all the ‘Big Boys from Bollywood’. What warmed my heart the most was the fact that the organizing team raised *4 CRORES* for the cause and achieving that around a concert in India makes me happier than ever!

So a HUGE round of thanks and appreciation to the entire team that put this together and especially to Farhan Akthar, Arjun Rampal and Ritesh Sidhwani who came up with and drove this idea to such success!

If any of you was at the event and happened to catch us play, please do leave us a comment! let us know what you thought.


Update – We’re alive and kicking!

There is a LOT that has happened in the past month, we finished a very succesful tour of 4 countries in south east and central Asia. Raghu got back from another fruitful tour of the UK and even individually there has been a LOT happening.

Now all of us are catching up on life and this place did not see many updates, but I will promise you right now that I will tell you all the stories that are to be told about our journeys and everything.

For now, this is a quick update to let you know that things are well and everyone is alive an kicking.

We are scheduled to play at the concert for ‘Bihar Flood Relief‘ organized by the Rock On team where we will share stage with some of the best bands in the country. This is in Mumbai on the 31st of October. More on that very soon. In the meantime, if this is a cause that you would like to help with, please go right ahead to for details on what you can do.

If you are in Bombay or close by, its time to make the trip and catch the concert! Click on the poster for details …


More Video Goodness!

Its very flattering when someone takes time out to make their own videos for songs we made and one more such video surfaced very recently that I came across! Thanks HuesOfBlack for this interesting photo-mashup video for ‘Well I’m in Mumbai!’ … you know what they say when different people like different songs in an album … the whole album is a must have!!! So on that note… go and buy your copy if you haven’t already and also remember to give the bonus CD to your friend and recommend us!

PS: Happy Independence Day!!


On sale in Germany and the MySpace Launch

And another lovely update for all of you … the CD is now on sale in Germany. Go to and grab your copy NOW!!!

We’ve priced it as low as we could and Amazon promises to deliver as soon as you order so it makes for a good combination 🙂 If you already have a copy, get your friends to buy one, else just buy it for them 😉

In other news, the MySpace launch was a blast! we played a brilliant set and had a tremendous audience and to everyone’s surprise .. we even shot the video for ‘Ambar’!!!! More about that soon …

Keep coming back, the season has just begun and the pot has just begun boiling!


I was in Mumbai, and a Miracle Happened!

Sunday October 8, 2006

The last time I wrote in this section was on June 09, 2006. Since then, a lot of you reading this section regularly asked if I had taken off to Himalayas for a long penance, or if i had renounced this world of music, or if I had become a mechanic in a hardware godown!

It is indeed not of my real self to keep silent. But this time I did and for a long time at that. No, laziness definitely was not the reason. Somebody told me to keep quiet if something nice is about to happen – keep quiet till it actually happens. It has happened to me many times when I have spoken about things when they just ‘seemed’ to happen but did not really happen….so this time when this miracle in my life was taking shape, I kept quiet. Real quiet.

If you have read my earlierfirst blog ‘What a Fantastic Beginning’, I had told you about a certain small solo gig (my guitar, my voice, my sky) at a hip place in Bandra, Mumbai called Zenzi. I had a decent crowd that night and it was a long time since I held a crowd being alone on stage…among the crowd were many known names and among them a particular group of 4 were listening to me very intently. Vishal-Shekhar the hip music director duo of Bluffmaster, Taxi-9211, Golmaal fame and many more, along with Vijay Nair and Bobby (Only Much Louder) stayed back after the concert to have a word with me. We sat at a table outside, away from the crowd and Vishal spoke to me in his usual no-nonsense tone. We spoke for a long time…it took even longer to digest where and what I was doing there and it took till this very day, as I write these words, to realise what a miracle was taking shape!

Vishal-Shekhar along with Vijay Nair and Bobby have started a record label called ‘Counter Culture Records’ which now has sent me the final draft of the recording deal to record and publish 9 of my best songs! Suddenly, my song ‘I am in Mumbai, waiting for a miracle’ doesnt seem to have any significance to me! Ha ha!

Since that fateful concert to this day, I have been literally underground working on those 9 songs. We have almost got there to that final stage of recording. A few finishing touches here and there and soon we get into the mixing mode. I have been having a fantastic recording experience at my dear friend Ricky’s studio in Bangalore called the Raveolution Studios. With a huge generous heart, he has waited as many years as I for the completion of this album and its subsequent release. His patience and tolerance has been commendable…and so is his colleague Abhijit’s support. He has pain stakingly recorded and re-recorded till I was happy. He has also programmed drums on couple of tracks with the help of our drummer friend Siva.

I have been blessed with contributions from some of the most phenomenal talent from Bangalore city and I will promise you a great sounding album very soon. Bruce Lee Mani on lead guitars, has turned around the sound of certain songs, especially Hey Bhagwan and the Kannada songs. The contributions from my earlier bandmate Manoj George on the violin has been tremendous. I also recorded Pandit Prakash Sontakke playing Hindusthani Classical on Hawaiian Guitar for the song ‘Ambar’. But the most rocking track has turned out to be ‘Khidki’…a completely different style of song compared to most of my compositons. Anirban Chakravarthy has layered his electric guitars on this song and this song probably will be the dark horse of the album ;). Lyrics for both ‘Ambar’ and ‘Khidki’ were written by a good friend of mine from Delhi, Niraj Rajawat. 4 bassists – JosyJohn from Kottayam, Gaurav Vaz, Rzhude and Keith Peters have performed on different tracks of the album.

The album will consist of 6 tracks in Hindi and 3 tracks in Kannada. Counter Culture Records was insistent that I include the three Kannada tracks I had composed without a single hint of doubt! I really appreciate and respect that bold gesture. I have been hinted at 3 videos over a period of time which means you will be seeing a lot of my band on the TV! The support of my friend Nisha Abraham who was instrumental in connecting me to Vishal-Shekhar and of another friend Shashank Ghosh (director of Waisa Bhi Hota Hai – Part2) who put me up at his lovely house whenever I went label hunting to Mumbai, and help me get introduced to many great people of the industry, has to be mentioned here.

So…here I am staring at my recording deal next to me on my table…it cant go wrong from here. Its just a matter of time now. 2 months max. See u then…the miracle will be complete.