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Review ‘Psycho’

The much awaited release of ‘Psycho’ happened over this weekend and it was quite an overwhelming affair! We’ve been hearing tons of reports of housefull shows and brilliant reactions from people who watched the movie.

I went and watched it yesterday and I can guarantee you the music completely kicks butt!

Now what I want to know is .. if you have seen the movie, tell us what you think of it. Did you like it? did you not? what did you like? anything at all .. say it!



Wednesday March 7, 2007

Last two months have been exciting for me. I am just all over the place, clueless what my next move would be! There are two projects that I am involved in at the same time with conflicting interests! First, more importantly of course, is the album mixing and then the eventual release and then second, equally important (he he), is the Kannada Movie Project ‘Psycho’ for which I am composing and directing music. Because I am the music director, I am also having a field day claiming ownership to sing atleast 4 songs…he he again!

While Raveolution Studios has been busy with churning out mixes of the album, I have been busy parallelly composing, sequencing and then of course fighting against the provided budget to get the best musicians, best studios, best engineers so that my music for ‘Psycho’ could sound good ;).

The process of composing and designing sound for Psycho is proving to be extremely challenging but yet very exciting. Till now I have never got involved so much into sound designing as much as I have for ‘Psycho’. Not only did I get to meet and work with some phenomenal musicians and technicians but also encountered the amazing technologies and software tools that have sprung up all over. And suddenly I felt small…like that ‘toad in the well’ feeling! Everyday I walk into the studios like a scared student trying to remember what I had learnt yesterday and then wondering whats in store today. Santosh is the guy who not only has helped me in getting the sequencing and programming in place, but also patiently taught me what goes into making a track sound ‘filmy’…what technically can be called ‘Cinematic sound’. Ofcourse, almost 80% o what he says goes above my head and overwhelms me that I automatically go numb! Phew!
Sandeep, my bandmate worked with me on a daily basis to get the interludes composed. Shiva, the drummer-band mate of RDP is helping me getting the rhythm section tight. Psycho has 6 songs and a theme instrumental track. I have tried different genres for each song. While the first song is somewhat an alternative rock song named ‘Neene Beku’ (= I want only you) in Kannada (not sure if you can imagine that!), the second song Mahadeswara is an interesting song. Its a Kannada folk song which actually was a spontaneous vocal melody that sprang out of nowhere on a bed of a latino chords progression that Anirban played for me during one of the RDP jams long back and now this song finds a place in the movie. I should definitely mention Anirban as the co-composer of this whacky song.

The next 20 days is crucial for RDP is many ways…the road ahead is really the last leg….till we reach for a beautiful view…and then yes, we move on to the road ahead yet again…and the journey continues. Hop in…we sure do have space for you too.