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The Landmark Show Details

As I mentioned earlier, Raghu is playing in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore at the Landmark stores in each city. He will be playing a solo acoustic set and will be accompanied in each city by a guest artiste.

Go there to catch a complete new twist on the songs from the debut album, buy the CD if you haven’t already and get your CD autographed by Raghu!

The details for the shows are –

Date: 14th November 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Landmark, 1B Moledina Rd, (Next to Dorabjee’s) Camp, Pune. Tel: 4006 8888

Date: 15th November 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Landmark, Chennai Citi Centre, R.K Salai, Chennai. Tel: 2847 777

Date: 16th November 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Landmark, Garuda Swagat Mall, Jayanagar, Bangalore

I will put up links here to the posters for all 3 gigs, please feel free to take the right poster, print it out and put it up in your offices and schools and colleges! For now, just send this link out to everyone you think will be interested and come for the shows! Who knows you might get a cool t-shirt as well 😀

And while you are at it, go for the gig, take some pics and send it to us or just upload it somewhere and send us a link and I will feature it on the blog 🙂


Raghu Dixit @ Landmark

Raghu is going to be playing a series of gigs in Landmark Stores across the country this weekend. There are shows planned in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore on the 14th, 15th and 16th of November respectively. I will put up more details about the shows very soon, but if any of you are in these cities, keep those days free to catch Raghu unplugged at a Landmark Store near you!


Update – We’re alive and kicking!

There is a LOT that has happened in the past month, we finished a very succesful tour of 4 countries in south east and central Asia. Raghu got back from another fruitful tour of the UK and even individually there has been a LOT happening.

Now all of us are catching up on life and this place did not see many updates, but I will promise you right now that I will tell you all the stories that are to be told about our journeys and everything.

For now, this is a quick update to let you know that things are well and everyone is alive an kicking.

We are scheduled to play at the concert for ‘Bihar Flood Relief‘ organized by the Rock On team where we will share stage with some of the best bands in the country. This is in Mumbai on the 31st of October. More on that very soon. In the meantime, if this is a cause that you would like to help with, please go right ahead to for details on what you can do.

If you are in Bombay or close by, its time to make the trip and catch the concert! Click on the poster for details …


Hong Kong – RTHK

I know I have been a little late in updating you chaps about the shows in Hong Kong, so let me not waste time with BS and get right to it.

The first show we had was at the live studio of RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) where our gig was being recorded live to be aired on Radio. It was the tour opener and there were a lot of firsts associated with that gig. Our first proper foreign tour, the first time we played in Hong Kong, the first time our show was being recorded live for radio, it was also Vijay Joseph’s first trip abroad!

We entered post lunch for our sound check and everything was set up for us and we spent most of our time just tweaking settings and inspite of the language barrier, it was not too difficult to get things set up the way we liked and it was time to get rolling at the show.

The show itself was quite stunning because the audience we had was 95% Chinese and we got them to jump and dance and sing and scream and more importantly sing “Har Saans Mein” with us!! Who would’ve thought 😛

This was a picture taken after the show with the band and people from RTHK and the Consulate. Read about the concert and listen to it at the following location –


Hong Kong – Day 1

It started well! The first day in Kowloon was good for us to get used to the place and the temperature 😛 (Now I am just trying a star tantrum .. Its all fine!) We’ve been taken care of very well and are staying in pretty much the center of Kwonloon on the very fashionable ‘Kimberly street’ which I call the ‘marriage central’ considering the number of marriage shops around!

The hotel we stay in has some very interesting furniture which Raghu took a fancy to and as you an see in this picture, he was going ga-ga over the sofas and the couches!

Also, yesterday was the first time we saw the brand new Raghu Dixt Project T-Shirts and I should tell you they look quite fantastic! so the next you catch us at a gig, a T-Shirt is a must buy! Here is Vijay modelling for the T-Shirts. So tell us what you think!

Of course he is not a model, not yet atleast, but he did take some time to prepart himself in the many mirrors on the wall that don’t really show you anything!

After that, we headed to the venue of the show to take a look at the venue we will be performing at the next day. The lovely Stacey showed us around and it looked like a good place to play a show! And this will be the first ever time that we are recorded as a band to go on National Radio!

We closed the evening with a dinner hosted by the Indian Embassy at the Foreign correspondents club which was quite lovely and EXTREMELY Filling!!

Thats it for now .. more to come soon!


Mumbai has been good!

We came to Mumbai on Thursday directly after our Calicut show and it has been quite super so far!

Our trip to the North East got confirmed! we are off to play in 15 cities in the 7 north east states and we start with Calcutta! That is going to be one hell of a trip and I am gearing up for it already!

I won the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year award for RadioVeRVe .. Read about that here ..

Jithin got his violin microphone!!! 😀 for people in the know .. its a big step forward 😉

We are playing tonight for the Miss Teen India Contest .. that should be a lot of fun 😉

And to confirm again … we are playing in Bangalore tomorrow! at the RV College of Engineering .. this will be our first show after a long long time in Bangalore .. we are told that we start by 2.30 .. so just confirm with the college if you can and land up for the show! and if you do … please do stop by and say hi after the gig!

Will keep you informed about more updates from our end! and there are many coming 🙂


In God’s own Country!

We have had a very interesting week so far .. after the jaunt at the Mirchi Studios, we headed to Calicut where we had the whole day to ourselves at the NIT Calicut guest house. We headed out to the beach which was a LONG LONG way from the guest house and then had some super Kerala food at one of Jithin’s recommended joints … After all, he is the Mallu boy and it was only fair to pay heed to his advice there ..

The show the next day was all over the place but Nitin and Navin worked brilliantly with the students of NIT who were sweet and accomodating and got some sort of order and the show could finally begin … The show itself was okay .. it wasn’t our best show and there were a ‘few incidents’ in the crowd which marred the first trip we took to Kerala … But lets focus on the positives …

Jithin’s parents finally got to see their son play live on stage with the band and they were overjoyed! His entire family was there with a few friends and they loved the show! atleast thats what they told us 😉

Inspite of how it went, we garnered quite a few fans and I must thank at this point, Anand and his friends who came and hung out with us after the show .. we are very very touched by your support and love for us!

Anand – you still owe me the list of names which you haven’t sent in!

Anand did read this post and send me the list of people who are featured in this photo above .. Thanks for that!

And I would like to really personally thank
Anand, Tushar, Naveen, Naidu, Harish, Prasad, Ajith, Deepak and Hussamuddin for a lovely evening!

We are determined to go back there soon and we’re sure this time round, things will be a lot better!

But that is past .. and we have moved on …

We are in Bombay now and are playing for the ‘Miss Teen India’ contest tomorrow which promises to be a blast! After that we head to Bangalore to play at RVCE on Sunday .. that will be a belter of a show! We haven’t played a public show in Bangalore for so long its not funny!! More about that soon!