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Raghu Dixit in Pune / Chennai

Just got wind of some photos of Raghu that the wonderful Kushal Das took of the Landmark store shows. Anyone with reviews?

Check out this pic and the rest of the photo set here

Raghu plays along with Vijay Joseph at the Jayanagar Landmark store tomorrow. Make sure you get there!


The Landmark Show Details

As I mentioned earlier, Raghu is playing in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore at the Landmark stores in each city. He will be playing a solo acoustic set and will be accompanied in each city by a guest artiste.

Go there to catch a complete new twist on the songs from the debut album, buy the CD if you haven’t already and get your CD autographed by Raghu!

The details for the shows are –

Date: 14th November 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Landmark, 1B Moledina Rd, (Next to Dorabjee’s) Camp, Pune. Tel: 4006 8888

Date: 15th November 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Landmark, Chennai Citi Centre, R.K Salai, Chennai. Tel: 2847 777

Date: 16th November 2008
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Landmark, Garuda Swagat Mall, Jayanagar, Bangalore

I will put up links here to the posters for all 3 gigs, please feel free to take the right poster, print it out and put it up in your offices and schools and colleges! For now, just send this link out to everyone you think will be interested and come for the shows! Who knows you might get a cool t-shirt as well 😀

And while you are at it, go for the gig, take some pics and send it to us or just upload it somewhere and send us a link and I will feature it on the blog 🙂


Raghu Dixit @ Landmark

Raghu is going to be playing a series of gigs in Landmark Stores across the country this weekend. There are shows planned in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore on the 14th, 15th and 16th of November respectively. I will put up more details about the shows very soon, but if any of you are in these cities, keep those days free to catch Raghu unplugged at a Landmark Store near you!


Chennai Live 104.8 FM

One of the first talk radio stations in India, Chennai Live 104.8 FM was launched yesterday with ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ returning to the music scene after our (much needed?) break and it was an eventful show if nothing else!

We finished our sound check and much to our surprise, everyone in the band not just remembered the songs but also was quite tight with all of them! That made things much easier for us and calmed our nerves a bit which resulted in Nithin doing a “photoshoot” for the band 😛 .. See the results yourself to believe it! All credit for the photography and direction go ONLY to Nitin Joshi and Siva Prakash who seem to be finding an alternate career option opening up for them!

Siva\'s new avatar! Siva Endorsing something? Vijay\'s Turn!

The show itself was quite an adventure with Siva tearing the snare drum skin on his very first hit!! Now none of the others realized this happened and we thought it was just that the mic was off and we were expecting it to come back on any moment and carried on with the song all the time looking back to see Siva’s helpless face and looking with anger at Nitin who could do absolutely nothing about it either!! Siva managed quite well with only rim shots and the toms as we suddenly had to improvise into a very different version of “I still love you!”

There was a quick break when someone was sent to see if he could get a replacement snare and we carried on with the rest of the band adjusting along and Siva displaying the full range of his creativity as we tried to vary songs to not miss the snare drum that much but if you have heard any form of music, you will realize how important the snare is when keeping a beat and not having it was quite a challenge!

The rest of the show passed without any significant incident and we managed to get a few legs shaking in that very formal event and even managed to sell quite a few copies of the album! The snare skin was finally replaced in time for the last 2 songs of the show and from there we ripped the show 😉

Endorsing FabIndia!!

Its been a good return and managing to do this after no practice for 2 months is a good sign for us 🙂 .. there is quite a hectic show schedule lined up over the next couple of months, so expect a lot of activity here!

And also .. if any of you was at the show … drop in and tell us what you thought!

Raghu - eyes wide shut!

And of course .. I have to leave you with the customary photo of Raghu singing his lungs out with his eyes wide shut!


Breaking the Silence!

Its been a long long silence and a very tough one to maintain if you know the kind of people that we are (who usually love making a big noise :P) but we are finally getting back on track after Raghu’s accident.

Expect a lot of things to move at break-neck speed (no pun intended ;)!! ).. Okay okay! I will stop with these sidey puns.

This is to inform you chaps that the band is finally getting together after its long hiatus and we will be playing tomorrow in Chennai a the Taj Coromondel for a private event. If you guys are in Chennai and want to come by and say Hi! Get in touch!!

It feels good …

In the meanwhile, a couple of interesting videos have made their way to YouTube and if you guys haven’t checked them yet, make sure you do NOW!!

The one shown here is a video of us playing in Itanagar – a day after the accident! This was a fully brilliant show!

There are a few more videos that require a lot of explaining which Raghu himself has promised to do! so watch this space 🙂


Radio Mirchi, NIT Calicut and a Contest!

If you are dying to find out what the contest is … skip to the end of this post .. but I recommend you read the whole thing .. don’t say I din’t warn ya!

The band is on the road again and we have a few shows over the weekend. We are playing at NIT, Calicut tomorrow for their cultural fest and this is the first time this line up is playing in Kerala. The organizers are expecting and have been promising us a packed house!

We had a quick stop over in Chennai this morning at the Radio Mirchi studios for our very own ‘Darbuka Siva’ special show where we were interviewed in Tamil mostly, but ended up answering in English mostly! 😛

Also, for the first time ever in the history of radio in Tamil Nadu, a band played Hindi and Kannada songs live in the studio!! actually, Siva tells me, in the history of Mirchi in Tamil Nadu, no band has played anything live! so this is quite a first!

We had a total blast playing acoustic versions of our songs with a lot of impromptu live stuff and a fun interview which is infact routine Siva stuff!

The interview will air this Saturday night between 9 and 11 PM and all of you in Chennai, better not miss it! I will get my hands on this interview somehow after its aired and it shall be available to The Raghu Dixit Tribe exclusively! so make sure you join the Tribe!! More about the tribe itself coming soon ..

Now its time for a contest! Lets hear the best caption you can come up with for this picture! The best caption wins a free CD autographed by the band!! So lets hear it!


The ArtSeek Music festival – Chennai

We’re headed to Chennai today to play at the ArtSeek Music festival organised by our very own ‘Darbuka Siva‘. The festival has some wonderful musicians and a very wide variety of music.

We will be playing in Chennai for a public audience for the first time ever! and since its the hometown of 3 of our band members, we expect some super audience support and a kickass show!

If you are in Chennai, please to make yourself available at the ArtSeek Music Festival

Details available on the poster .. Click here to buy tickets!

Buy The Album

Buy the Album