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Happy Birthday Raghu!

Its that time of the year again! so ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together, stand up while you are at it (because its not nice to play to an audience who is not having fun with us 😉 ) and lets sing along ..

“Happy Birthday Raghu”!

Its been one of the most eventful years as far as the band goes and its only going to get crazier! right from breaking his hand to a mini-world tour to a superhit movie score, its been stuff that dreams are made of .. and all of you have been with us on this journey! So here is to a great new year ahead for Raghu and some more crazy stories to tell!

I will leave you with a Raghu Dixit Classic .. this is a classic ‘Raghu-Dixit-Involved-In-The-Song-with-No-Care-For-The-World’ pose!

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