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Chennai Live 104.8 FM

One of the first talk radio stations in India, Chennai Live 104.8 FM was launched yesterday with ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ returning to the music scene after our (much needed?) break and it was an eventful show if nothing else!

We finished our sound check and much to our surprise, everyone in the band not just remembered the songs but also was quite tight with all of them! That made things much easier for us and calmed our nerves a bit which resulted in Nithin doing a “photoshoot” for the band 😛 .. See the results yourself to believe it! All credit for the photography and direction go ONLY to Nitin Joshi and Siva Prakash who seem to be finding an alternate career option opening up for them!

Siva\'s new avatar! Siva Endorsing something? Vijay\'s Turn!

The show itself was quite an adventure with Siva tearing the snare drum skin on his very first hit!! Now none of the others realized this happened and we thought it was just that the mic was off and we were expecting it to come back on any moment and carried on with the song all the time looking back to see Siva’s helpless face and looking with anger at Nitin who could do absolutely nothing about it either!! Siva managed quite well with only rim shots and the toms as we suddenly had to improvise into a very different version of “I still love you!”

There was a quick break when someone was sent to see if he could get a replacement snare and we carried on with the rest of the band adjusting along and Siva displaying the full range of his creativity as we tried to vary songs to not miss the snare drum that much but if you have heard any form of music, you will realize how important the snare is when keeping a beat and not having it was quite a challenge!

The rest of the show passed without any significant incident and we managed to get a few legs shaking in that very formal event and even managed to sell quite a few copies of the album! The snare skin was finally replaced in time for the last 2 songs of the show and from there we ripped the show 😉

Endorsing FabIndia!!

Its been a good return and managing to do this after no practice for 2 months is a good sign for us 🙂 .. there is quite a hectic show schedule lined up over the next couple of months, so expect a lot of activity here!

And also .. if any of you was at the show … drop in and tell us what you thought!

Raghu - eyes wide shut!

And of course .. I have to leave you with the customary photo of Raghu singing his lungs out with his eyes wide shut!

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Buy the Album