A good show and a clean room!

There are only 2 things a band on the road wants … A good show and a clean room. There is the money, there is the adulation and everything else that comes with it, but at the core of things, we would be really happy with a great show! sometimes even with a good show … and a nice place to go sleep at the end of the show!

A few shows happened recently which warmed our hearts and it would just be unfair for me to not mention it!

We went to Vasavi College very very very tired! It was over 10 hours of travel after shows that finished in the wee hours of the morning that we landed in Hyderabad. Raghu’s voice was completely sore and he din’t even make it for soundcheck eventually.

The minute we landed in the airport, there were a couple of students waiting for us and we even had a choice of cars for us to pick to take to the venue! That itself is quite something for us!

Nitin was at the venue and he had sorted the sound out, Siva worked on the drums and got that excuse of a drumkit to sound tight! Everything just worked like clockwork and it was a total pleasure working there and getting things into place. The tiredness and weariness just went out and things somehow just fell into place!

A large part of this turnaround was the way in which little things were taken care of for us which is really appreciated!

The other show we played recently was in Chennai where we played at the ArtSeek Music Festival which we really were blown away by the variety and the freshness of the music we saw! But that is a whole new topic which I will talk about soon!

For now .. thanks Vasavi College especially Kapil and the other boys who did everything there! You guys rock!


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