The Weekend Tour!

The band just reached Bombay and we are all excited about the shows we are playing this weekend. We start with a short set for the CNBC awards nite to be held later tonight and tomorrow we move to Nasik.

The Sula Vineyards in Nasik hosts us as part of ‘Sula Fest‘ where we will play along with the likes of ‘Shair + Func‘, ‘The Saturday Night Blues Band’, ‘Kunal Vijaykar’ and some brilliant DJs. The ambience and the activities planned promise to make it an event you won’t forget for a while!

So if you are anywhere close to Nasik, grab your blankets and head over to the Sula Fest for a wonderful night of music and some great fun!

After Nasik we head to Hyderabad to play at the ‘Vasavi Engineering College’ fest ‘Euphoria – 08’. So for everyone who asked us when we are playing in Hyderabad next, this is it! so get yourselves to Vasavi College and let us take you from there!

I will keep you guys updated the best I can from wherever I can … so watch this space!


2 Responses to “The Weekend Tour!”

  1. 2 Nikhil Rao
    March 17, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Absolutely loved your performance in Vasavi college yesterday ! I bought the album and i know its gonna stick around in my Cd player and iPod for a very long time 🙂 , i was however disappointed not to see “I still love you” (the first track that you performed on stage) in the track listings ( heh heh, and no such luck on the internet too 😉 ) , i look fwd to your next performance in the city !

    cheers !

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