Demand your copy!

We’ve been wondering for a long time why the CDs haven’t hit stores yet and people have been complaining left right and centre! One of our dear friend Asha went and created enough noise in the Planet M on Brigade road and managed to get herself and her friends enough copies of the album!

Here is the letter she wrote to us telling us of her experience! She apparently found that the CDs had arrived and were in the store but were not put out on display. So if you guys go to a store and the owner says the CD has not arrived … you know what to do!

Dear Raghu,

Congratulations on the tremendous achievement! Every single song on the CD is brilliant – something that cannot be said of ANY CD I have ever heard in all my life. It was well worth the wait. Yesterday when I went to buy it at Planet M, the salesmen wanted to know more about it because I bought 10 of the same CD and they were curious. [I am gifting them to people who’ve never heard you – after sending your MySpace link and news of where to buy cd etc to half the world. Bought some for people abroad via Music Yogi too.]

I explained why, I gave them a brief intro to you and your music, and why this is the most awaited CD of the year. And one of them said – Ya, lots of people keep coming asking for it.

They did not have it on New Arrivals, I asked why and they said it had just arrived, they hadn’t yet unpacked it. I told them they would be stupid if they didn’t advertise it big time. They decided that someone who buys 10 of the same cd must know something about it. By the time I reached the counter,
they had put on the CD and the shop was resounding to your voice! That was a wonderful feeling.

Congratulations once again! Ride the wave – you sure deserve it. Am waiting to see your face splashed across all newspapers.

Take care, and wish you much happiness.



2 Responses to “Demand your copy!”

  1. 1 Sofie
    March 15, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    I first heard bout you guys on mtv alert…a channel that i’ve long stopped watchin coz i was convinced that originality and passion’s dead 2day…THANKS FOR PROVING ME WRONG. i loved your music…whatevr bits i heard. of everything that’s come out 2day i think you guys have the most soul. finally here’s something i can rave about to my kids as the ‘music of my time’. anyway, i went to landmark (chennai) 2day to get a copy and they didn’t have one (sad face). i’ve ordered one. it’s kinda sad that chennai doesn’t have copies of your album considerin shiva n jithin r in the band. waitin to own a copy of your music.
    a fan already – Sofie.

  2. March 15, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Hey Sofie! We’re playing in chennai on the 21st of this month.. You should come.. And watch us play! Also the CD will be on sale then .. Thanks for the compliment! We’re overwhelmed 🙂

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