MTV Alert – Shot 2 – Take 2

After a fun time at shot 1 and the preparation for shot 2, it was time to actually finish the 2nd shot and this was much more elaborate than the first one.

You know about the railway station and the spring loaded train and all that .. now it gets better. They wanted the band to be travelling and singing in the coach as we travelled with other passengers .. Raghu arrived and we had yet another cup of tea as the final touches were being laid out to the set. The actors were prepped, our make-up touched up and then we were ready to go.

Now there is something about creating a scene for camera as opposed to just looking at it without the perspective of a camera. What falls into the frame of the camera becomes unbelievably important and everything possible is done to make that area and that area only look the best it can!

So when you put people in a stationary train and want to show that it is moving … there is a LOT you have to take care of.

The train was being rocked by a bunch of guys from the production crew to replicate the movement on the tracks, anyone whose head was in frame and out of the door or close to the window had a fan pointed at them so their hair ruffles a bit atleast and their clothes move a little. There was one guy running with a huge branch and putting it in and out of the frame at random times and at random places along the train so there is a tad bit more authenticity added! Just watching that being done was tons of fun!

From here we moved to the actual interview which was in a completely different location and I will write about that next in brief … but then you should realize that this is a LOT of effort that the guys at MTV put in for this shoot and it will play all month on March. So you can catch the clip on TV and see how the shots were actually framed here!

A huge thanks to all our friends at MTV and everyone at the shoot for making this such a fun experience for us … We are all dying to see what it will look like once complete!


1 Response to “MTV Alert – Shot 2 – Take 2”

  1. March 30, 2008 at 2:27 am

    its interesting to read about what goes on behind the scenes and how these people actually pull off these visuals that make us believe what they want. haven’t seen the video yet.

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