MTV Alert – Shot 2

After a very nice experience at the first location, we couldn’t wait to see what awaited us at location 2!

The whole crew and us packed up everything to go to location 2 which we were told would be a deserted railway station. Now don’t get me wrong .. but why would there be a deserted railway station in the middle of a HUGE film set in Panvel? all of us thought it was a sure shot prank (well .. atleast I did!) and that there was some prank being planned … but we went along nevertheless ..

What we saw when we reached there was quite unreal .. right there in the middle of nowhere were 4 train coaches and I mean real train coaches and a proper retro railway station which was fully customizable for a film crew depending on the shoot you want!! The train was just kept there mounted on some springs and the station was complete with the clock and a few stores on the side and everything! and the train itself was from ‘Lahore to Amritsar’!! and the station was marked as ‘Atari’, a station which is actually on the India Pakistan border!

Siva as usual was in his element and we decided it was time to start using the train and the station as a prop and enact popular train and railway station cliche’s. It started out with Siva being a politician who had just landed in a village and was doing the customary ‘Namaste’ to his entourage and moved on to a very popular scene down south in railway stations … the bunch of old men sitting by the railway tracks and drinking their coffee with a spoonful of conversation! but as you can see here … we had quite a tough time looking authentic on that one!! especially me … who can’t fake it to save my life!!

The most authentic one of the lot has to be Siva who sat in the train and decided to act like the ‘Pissed Off Old Man’ who was just throwing his attitude around! and he looked the part 😉

It was tons of fun with all of us rolling with laughter and we had some nice ideas for the shoot. Raghu was still doing some solo singing at the first location while the crew just began setting up here. So we were all set for a super shot 2.More about the shoot itself in a post to follow …

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