Full fun the show … full yenjoy the show!

The line ‘full fun the show .. full yenjoy the show’ with a thumbs up on each had become part of the band’s lingo now after Jithin one fine day said that to the camera during an MTV interview after our Lycra MTV Style awards performance!! He had absolutely everyone in splits with that one!

The fun and enjoyment from our launch carried over to the next day when we played in ‘Hard Rock Cafe – Mumbai’ for the launch of the Rolling Stone Magazine in India. It was a night where the who’s who of Rock and Roll in India got together to belt some very popular Rock’n’Roll tunes and we were probably the ones that din’t fit in there at all!

But that din’t stop us … infact, we were all the more geared to get up there and give the audience something they had never expected or experienced that night!

We quickly got changed into our trademark colourful clothing right from the lungis to the funky kurtas and proceeded to get on stage and rock the house!!! we had everyone jumping and screaming by the end of the very short 2 song set that we got to play .. but it was completely worth it!!

We spent the rest of the night singing along with all our favourite bands including Zero (All of us from the band were seeing Zero live for the first time!!), Pentagram, Indus Creed etc .. It was a truly memorable night in the history of Indian Rock’n’Roll … the first time something like this had ever taken place!

PS: The rest of the photographs are available on the Facebook Page of Rolling Stone Magazine


1 Response to “Full fun the show … full yenjoy the show!”

  1. March 5, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Its great to see u have ur dream come true….damn kool…congrats sweety

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