MTV Alert

The Raghu Dixit Project is being featured on MTV all of this month on MTV Alert. This is an 8 minute clip which will play 2-3 times a day all of March on MTV … so make sure you tune in for this!!

The clip will have an exclusive interview with Raghu and also exclusive footage of the band playing and some super scenes created for the music that we make .. I shall dedicate the next few posts to describe this shoot in some detail ..


We were told to report at the venue at 7AM for the sunrise shot by the river. It was quite a struggle, but we made it on time only to find out it would be a sunset shot instead!! but then the entire MTV crew was on location and some wonderful breakfast was ready .. so we had nothing to complain about .. we promptly ate to our hearts content, drank some super ‘kadak chai’ that was in infinite supply and went to our rooms for a snooze!

Our clothes were taken and ironed and everything was set and everyone was waiting for the first location to be set and the director to call us!

Shot 1

The scene for the first shot was magical! the setting was perfect and the entire location and the lights rocked!! I have no words to describe this .. you have to see the picture yourself .. it was basically in the middle of a Bamboo Grove with some ‘holy thread’ tied around different bamboo shoots randomly … the entire place was strewn with dry bamboo leaves and there was some smoke being artificially fed into the shot … when we first went there and saw it … I must tell you … it blew our minds!

The band had to walk through the place like we were on a journey and also Raghu had to sing a few songs there and we were on to shot 2 …

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