A Star was Launched!

It finally happened! after what seemed like eternity, the next step was taken … and everything happened perfectly!

It was sometime around 3.30 when we reached the venue and everything was being set up. The venue itself was wonderful! it was at the ‘land’s end’ at the Bandra Bandstand. This was literally at the land’s end with the ocean behind us and tons of trees all around with a very earth and rustic feel to the whole place!

The audience sat on the stone cut steps of the amphitheatre, there was a separate enclosure for the cameras (well … it din’t hurt to try!!) the sound was just perfect and things just couldn’t get better!
The show did start a tad bit late .. but then, we had waited so long that a few more minutes to get things just right was not at all a problem and the audience din’t seem to mind either! many of them were close friends and family of the band, quite a few of them had flown in from various parts of the country to be there and witness the moment.

The show itself was very emotional, and inspite of Raghu claiming it would be just another show for him, none of us could help feeling a little lump in the throat and we choked up with emotion of the moment finally here!


Our latest and greatest fan, Mr. Sanjay Dutt himself came up and recommended the album and told everyone that he is a fan of the music and wished us luck, Vishal and Shekhar spoke about how they were inspired to start a label because of Raghu’s music and then proceeded to jump start the party! it was quite heartening to see them jumping around in the crowd revving everyone up to have a good time! If someone has the video of Vishal and Shekhar singing ‘Mysore Se Aayi’ with the band, please put it up and let us know!!!


And just like that … it was done! but this is just the beginning of many good things to come!

Update – Thanks to our very dear friend Vinay Shukla, we managed to find the perfect picture that shows Vishal and Shekhar enjoying ‘Mysore Se Aayi’


3 Responses to “A Star was Launched!”

  1. February 27, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    This was left as a comment in the About section of the website. I have moved it to this post because it seemed appropriate here!


    If ever a setting had to be perfect then this was it the Launch Of Raghu Dixit , it was something that i had waited for more than 10 years and it couldn’t have been better right from the Amphitheater (Bandra)location , lights , sound , ACTION! everything just amorphed into this dream set(is this for real:) ) , the whiff of the sea , the tittle tattle of friends and well wishers , the frennzy of the Press over Vishal-Shekar, forgetting the real talent at that point of time till he took the Mic and belted it out , then every vibe in your body came alive and thats when it all came back to me like a bolt THIS SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED LONG AGO …but whatever said and done I guess some special divine intervention found out that only the best will do for Raghu , and so 26th Feb 2008, 8.10pm Mumbai the inevitable happened , no one could even doubt his performance I still get goosebumps thinking of it, and I think the clinching moment of it all was not when Sanjay Dutt came on stage and hugged him nope:), not when Vishal -Shekar stood in the crowd egging us all on to dance and sing , but when he finished that last note when the paparazzi rushed like a swarm of bees ready to attack this new found celebrity musician for them to dig into , it was his moment of recognition !!!!, and seated above in the whole arena watching every movement I just wish i had my video camera to record the accolades of success here ……

    Well it was night to remember and never to forget and I hope this journey from now onwards only reaches the pinnacles of great music . Raghu and band you guys rock !….

    Musically Yours

  2. 2 Chandreshwar Mani Tripathi
    February 27, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    One more fan added to your list. You rock! Hats off. Waiting for some more releases 😀 and yes waiting for the CD to be availble in Market 🙂

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