The CD has begun surfacing!

So we just got back from playing at the Eastwind Festival and as we were getting ready to go to the festival, Raghu started getting messages from people congratulating him about the album and how lovely they thought it looked and stuff like that!

A visibly shocked Raghu made a few calls and it turns out, the Counter Culture store at the festival decided it was time to start getting the CDs out! and had actually started selling CDs!!!!!

So its official people … the CD IS OUT!!!! The official launch is on 26th in Bombay and the CD will be available at a store near you … very soon! But the CD is out and its time you guys who got it started telling us and everyone else what you thought of it.

These are a few pictures to whet your appetite, of the album on sale and the first few fans to buy it in Delhi! We clearly outsold any other artiste on sale at the EastWind Festival … Now we’re hoping that will happen country wide!

Raghu made quite a few fans today and signed many autographs and most importantly, the wait is finally over! and this time there is no more postponement …

We now step into the next chapter!


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