The Album and its fans – Part Uno

Since the album started surfacing yesterday, it was time for me to kick start my new series .. So ladies and gentlemen, without much timewasting and such things, I present to you … The brand new series …

“The Album and its Fans!!”


Shriya from MTV Delhi buying her first two copies (of many more to come) of the album. And she was visibly pleased that the moment was documented!


Shreyas from RadioVeRVe was quite shocked at first to see copies of the album out in public! (well .. maybe that picture was staged :D) but eventually, he ended up buying quite a few copies of the album and started his effort of not just giving the bonus CD away but also the entire album itself and also getting a lot of his friends to buy the album (these guys were quite shocked themselves .. but that was for other reasons ;))


So how do you figure in this series?!? You take pictures of yourself with the album or your friends with the album or any pictures with the album in it and you send it to music at raghudixit dot com and I will select pictures from there and post them on the blog!

So lets see the pictures coming in … and watch this space for more of ‘The Album and the Fans!’


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