One week to go!

It began as a murmur a LONG LONG time back and like a good broth, it was prepared slowly!

And now there is no turning back and no pushing it forward either (atleast that seems to be the case from here!). Its exactly one week left to the launch of the debut album and the magnitude of it is finally beginning to hit us! Its just one week for everything to go euphorically crazy!

The album as you already know is under the ‘Vishal-Shekhar Music’ label and is being distributed by HMV Saregama and should be hitting stores very close to where you are very soon! I am being bombarded with questions about the availability of the album and online sales. I promise to find out about the same and post here ASAP.

For now, please give us any innovative ideas that you can think of to market the album and get it into as many people’s hands as possible. Right from BitTorrent to Flash Mobs, let us hear your ideas and lets try to implement as many of them!

From here, I will give you one story about the album each day … so make sure you come back here often!

The comments section is waiting for you .. go there and let me hear your ideas!


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