That Perfect Drum Sound!

Its toughest being a drummer on the road especially around here considering the ‘wide variety’ of drum kits and pedals and drum stools etc that are assembled together for shows. And for a drummer, the time s/he gets at sound check is the only time s/he has to get used to the kit and then make it sound good and get comfortable enough to play a whole show and god forbid a solo on it!

The rest of us have it slightly easier 🙂 .. the guitars we carry are the same everywhere and barring a few string mishaps and battery scares, we can confidently walk on stage with that trusted old guitar and know exactly what is going to happen … (yea right!!)

Over the brief time that I have been a musician (strictly part time!), I have seen very few drummers as meticulous as Siva is in trying to get the perfect drum sound on any given drum kit. Infact, he travels with his entire tool kit which comprises of various pieces of cloth, scissors, insulation tape, two sided sticky tape, cotton etc which he will use in combination with his drum tuner to get the most optimum sound out of every single kit provided. And to our wonder and amazement, he manages to every single time.


It is a unique talent and is a great talent to have! and all of us are glad Siva is so meticulous with the drum tuning because a great drum sound is half the reason for a band sounding good!


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