Oiling the machinery!

It was a very productive weekend for the band which saw us get together for 2 back to back shows in Bangalore and a very tight practice session for the big shows ahead!

The first of the shows was in a place called ‘Visthar’ in Kothanur which was quite a challenge to find! It was also the initiation for Navin, from OML who had come to Bangalore to manage the band for these two gigs. The place itself is a beautiful commune far away from the city and the setting itself was quite wonderful.

We were treated to some fabulous home cooked dinner after which we set out to play an completely acoustic, filled with impromptu moments which set the fun loving crowd at Visthar ablaze! Infact, at one point, everyone in that place was dancing away to glory! It was a real treat.

This was the first time that we had carried our own sound system and it was quite a challenge packing and lugging it all to the venue and setting it up, managing sound, playing, and they dismantling and putting it back into the van and taking it back home! It reminded us of the days when we had first started, but surely the equipment has grown!!!

The wonderful people and the super gig was good compensation for all that effort and it left a good feeling though we had to repeat this entire thing the next day!

Saturday saw us at BrewHaHa in Koramangala where we turned a quiet little coffee shop into a jumping and screaming mad house! We kick started the Brew Live series of concerts and ensured that the entire neighbourhood got to know! People just kept pouring in from the streets and boy was it a fun gig! It was completely encouraging to see Ravi and Sreeram jumping around with their customers and everyone seemed to love the music and when we had to do the “Mysore Se Aayi” repeat, we knew another place had been conquered! 😀

The band is shaping up well and getting tighter as we go along, the next few shows are the biggest we’ve played as a band and I think we all set to take them on!

See you guys soon in Delhi and Bombay ..

PS: anyone who has taken photos/videos of the band during the past few shows, please give us a copy!

PPS: We are looking to play lots of gigs with the album launching, so if any of you is planning an event and would want us to play, do consider us and get in touch with us –  music at raghudixit dot com.


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