The balancing act!

It was over a year ago that I took my first flight with the band, well actually, for me it was the first flight trip ever! I had never flown before that and from that day, I have been flying like I am superman! The ride has been quite crazy …

Now, our band is not your average rock band and so we tend to carry stuff around that most bands don’t! and that includes Siva’s timbale’s and darbouka, the talking drum, a daff, generally .. things that won’t be provided on stage for us.

This requires us to be able to balance our luggage which on a long tour would look something like this

Into the vehicle that has come to pick us up, which could look like this

Naah!! just kidding … thats not happened to us … YET!!But the band has managed to master the fine art of balancing our luggage, and everytime we have to load up a vehicle that has to come pick us up, there is always the right way of doing things so we make use of the space in the most optimum way possible!

For example, look at Raghu here managing his and my luggage on a small airport trolley! What you see in that picture is 3 guitars in their flight cases, one suitcase and one bag with clothes in them, one DSLR bag and 2 shoulder bags (Ofcourse, Raghu’s shoulder bag is on his shoulder! … just in case you were looking ;))

Fitting our band with all its equipment in a single Qualis is not easy … Trust me!

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