Favourite Memories … Continued

Here are a few more memories … I realize that I will keep coming back with more but then that is what memories are for! For those of you who just joined us … this post is a continuation from here

These were still days when the band was not used to me constantly shoving my camera into their faces! so like most people do, every time a camera is pointed at you, out comes the brightest and most cheerful *FAKE* smile and the sidey-est pose ever! and the first few months are filled with these sidey posed pics! but then Raghu took matters into his own hands and told everyone to just look normal and natural and continue what they were doing when the camera is pointed at them .. not to look at the camera … this is the shot taken IMMEDIATELY after that!!


This was during our first trip abroad with the band and infact, for Siva and Me, this was our first trip abroad at all … now for a musician, what is the one thing you find abroad that you don’t find in India? The answer is music shops but if you were misled by the pics above, it says a thing or two about how you think šŸ˜‰ but then, who could resist taking these pics … especially me looking like a complete tourist with the pouch and the camera bag!

Raghu singing! Raghu sings this way because its the only way he knows how to!! and that is what makes this music and this band so special! there are no half measures, no middle ground .. its pure passion all the way! The songs are not extremely complicated, the music is simple, it sticks! You may come with all kinds of misconceptions before you hear the music … but I guarantee you … you will go back humming!

More to come!

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