The last set of concerts we did saw two new people join the gang. Here is a very brief ode to both of them …

The Raghu Dixit Project has been looking for a guitarist for a long time as indicated by quite a few posts and mentions that Raghu himself had made in our communities and otherwise. After much fussing and auditioning and trying out people, we finally identified one guitarist who suited the bill!

Now Vijay was still trying to get around to playing the songs right when the rest of their band saw him as a brand new audience member to try all the old jokes on! and we did 😀 … It was like entering the engineering college hostel in the first year! but Vijay did not wilt under pressure … he kept smiling and holding on to the airplane seat like his life depended on it! (more about that in a post that will follow)On stage, he was a tiger let loose in the jungle, gracefully and majestically devouring every solo! The appreciative audience and the pats on the back after the shows were proof enough of that!

Nitin Joshi joined us for the first time in Guwahati as the sound engineer for the show there and the show to follow. What we saw when he entered was a cool guy with a funkier goatee than me! who was crazier about photography than me! and whose sense of humor was in the same range as us .. we loved him already! before he had been let loose on the console … The fact that he took


and did


to give us

was an accomplishment that we cannot describe in words! We will take a close look at the brilliant range of speakers on display very soon, but trust me, Nitin was ready to work even if there was an iPod dock and a creative 5.1 system put up there! That is the brilliance of the man .. I have a sneak suspicion that we will be seeing a lot more of him here!

So there we are .. put your hands together for the brand new members of the band!


2 Responses to “Initiation.”

  1. February 9, 2008 at 4:46 am

    ” an accomplishment that we cannot describe in words! ”

    You did a very good job of it!!!

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