The blue frog (c)ro(a)cked!

We finally got to play at the much talked about ‘Blue Frog‘ at Mumbai which in my humble opinion is one of the best clubs to play at in India. We had heard from everyone how it was a wonderful place to perform at and in many ways, it did live up to the hype!

After an uneventful journey to Bombay and being taken care of very well, we landed up at the Blue Frog for sound check in the afternoon and had to wait a bit for the sound engineer to arrive and start the check, but it was time well spent with Siva and me up to our standard stunts and in between all that trying to teach the lovely Neysa (from Only Much Louder – the band management company) some South Indian slang!

Sound check finally got underway and after some time, we managed to get somewhere with the sound and there were some interesting moments on stage like this where Raghu was completely lost in the music. Please do check the fantastic Gibson guitar that he was wielding! And do check out the cool hairdo I am sporting thanks to the lovely Shilpa 🙂

The show was fantastic! we had a super audience who were quite enthusiastic, thanks to everyone who came, our friends and fans who pushed up our enthu and energy on stage!

Among many other things, this gig will be remembered as Anirban’s last gig for some time … You will be missed 🙂 .. Best of luck with your new adventure!

PS: If you haven’t already, please do check the photos of us playing at the Blue Frog! Thanks a ton Kalhan for these amazing pics!


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