What a Fantastic Beginning!

April 13, 2006.

I could not have asked for a better beginning. The last 7 days have been the most wonderful after a long time. Its been almost a month since I got Anirban (Guitars), Gaurav (Bass) and Rahul (Percussions) to jam with me and we did that everyday without a break and results are there to see!

The biggest fear that I lived with for the last one year and a half was that if I will ever be able to recapture the zing that I had created with my earlier band Antaragni…but with some incredible support and dedication from these three musicians, that fear was put to rest. Yes, the zing is yet to happen and we are far away from being perfect, but I know we are very well on the right track towards achieving that. We just need a couple of more weeks and I know we will be a force to reckon with.

We started on April 03, 2006 by performing for a small invited audience which comprised of friends and well wishers. They all eventually turned up in good numbers…we performed for an hour and then let them speak to us. The comments were overwhelming and were very helpful in improving our act before we faced a public audience for the first time on Apr 08, 2006.

The second gig we did was a studio performance for Radiocity Live. We recorded all the 9 songs at one go in one single night which was amazing…all the practice for last one month showed up in the way we went about recording one song after the other with very few retakes. We had a hilarious interview recorded with RJ Rohit Jaikaran after that. It was almost 6.30 a.m when we left Radiocity Studios and I had to dash off to the airport to catch my flight to Mumbai at 8.30 a.m.

This trip to Mumbai was the most fruitful than any of those ‘n’ number of trips I had done before…I was scheduled to perform at Zenzi, the hottest spot in Bandra that night at 10 p.m. The concert started a little late but a good number turned out and I gave an hour long solo performance. I had some great names in the audience…Music director duo Vishal and Shekhar, Actress Sandhya Mridul, Sound Expert Nakul Kamte, Depashree Samant – A&R Sony Music, the most famous artist manager Vijay Nair, Boby (Zero) and many more….the response was tremendous. I am in Mumbai, waiting for a miracle….and the miracle is gonna happen….very soon…I just know it!

I returned to Bangalore the next day, 4 hours late, thanks to Indian Airlines. My voice was sore and I decided to skip the practice…I was to meet my band directly at Fireflies. We were scheduled to perform at The Sacred Music Festival, Fireflies Ashram on Apr 8, 2006. Though the slot given to us was at 3 a.m. in the morning, we got on to the stage only by 6.30 a.m. thanks to many of the artists before us who performed more than the alloted time duration. Oykitaan and Bharath Sargam Qawwali groups rocked the full capacity crowd.

By the time we got on to the stage, tired and groggy, 60% of the crowd was gone…and to add to our woes was some depressing sound management by DSPro. Nevertheless, we managed to wake up the sleepy crowd, get them to clap and sing along with us…Anirban was impressive with his solos and my voice suddenly was in fine nick. I enjoyed singing ‘Ambar’ to my emotional best and then danced all along ‘Har Saans Mein’. That last song is our next big thing!

The next evening Apr 09, 2006, we were on Radiocity Live between 8-10 p.m. This was the first time that we got to listen to our sound from outside. I think we sounded just fine…long way to go but we are rocking hard enough. The comments on the website are there to see…..we are all overwhelmed by the response….never imagined we would earn so many fans within a week…thanks to everyone. We have had 11,000 odd hits on our website in a week!!!! Phew! Where do we go from here?….keep in touch…and u shall know.


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