The Trial By Fire!!!

Tuesday March 27, 2007

The last week was the busiest and the most memorable for the band. We played 4 concerts – The first two were corporate gigs and the next two were college fest gigs. While not much can be said about the first two, the concerts at PESIT and NIFT on 24th and 25th respectively will remain in my memory for a long time.

I had never done three shows in a row…and that itself was huge pressure. I didnt know if i would be able to sustain my energy and then my vocal chords for 3 back-to-back concerts…added to the pressure was a nasty throat infection which attacked me from nowhere. It indeed was a trial by fire…and also a sign for things to come in the near future with the album release slated soon.

It was trial by fire for yet another member of the band – Meet Jithin Das, a very talented violinist from Kerala now studying for his Audio Engineering Diploma Course at SAE, Chennai. I met him at the studios in Chennai where I was working on my movie project. I made him hear our album tracks and the young man took up to the songs like fish to water…and in two days came back to me well prepared with written notes for each song….only thing remaining was to remember those notes and sync with the band. Jithin arrived for practice on 21st. The next two days were exclusively for his practice with Sandeep and I. He never could practice with the whole band before he went on stage since practice had to be called off due to my illness. Jithin faced the audience on 23rd evening without a single complete band practice and boy does he know how to jam!

The crowds at PESIT and NIFT rocked…especially the latter. 24th show started with a slight glitch. We were provided with the college band’s drum kit and Siva had to spend an hour and more to tune it right….but boy he did make it sound great. That night was like coming back home. If u read my first post on the blog (What a fantastic beginning), PESIT show last year same time of the year was our first public performance. Half the crowd already knew our songs and it was a great feeling to have the audience singing along!

I had been warned about the NIFT crowd…by their own teachers!!! NIFT crowd is supposed to be extremely critical and can really be unforgiving if they do not like you. I was wary….only till we finished our first song! Boy did they rock and how?!!! NIFT crowd will be rated as one of the best we have played so far….they were with us beat to beat, word to word, note to note….and we loved every bit of the chaos these young beautiful people created!

At the end of the show, we just knew what it feels like to rock a crowd! And for me I knew I can sing for three consecutive days…with or without a throat infection. A complete review of the concert was written by a kind soul called ‘Althaf B’ on our comments section….just that his comment was so long that I felt it was appropriate to post it on our blog….scroll down and you could read that one too. 🙂 Cheers….see u soon. Look out for the BIG CHILL @ GOA.


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