The Chef is at Work!

Thursday July 5, 2007

The album was recorded and mixed as long back as March end…but unfortunately we could not put our finger on the ‘right’ mastering studio and engineer….not just here in India but in the rest of the world.

Its been almost 5 years now since I started the recording process of this album…while there were many many hiccups (money, studios, microphones, cables, musicians, egos… etc) in laying down all the 8 tracks and then mix them down, little did I know that getting the right mastering engineer would be so frustrating. Getting it done in India was the last choice in my mind since there are no exclusive mastering studios in India…at least I dont know of their existence.

The next best thing was to hunt on the internet…and then there were so many of them that it was not only confusing but also difficult to get across to most of them….especially the more well known names….some did get back….but with a whopping cost with which I could record another album 😉 While I was losing patience, I was also losing time…August 3rd is the official launch date and its not just in my head…is out there….all the fans and lovers of our music are waiting….some have even sent cash to my residence address ‘pre-ordering’ a CD…and here I am wondering how I could get my CD mastered.

Then there was this moment of joy… i was lazing on my couch watching MTV at near mid-night and I heard this familiar voice…Sadho re…it sang….and my eyes sprung out awake…I listened and watched the whole music video…I was smiling throughout because the voice belonged to one of my fellow musicians-friend from Mumbai, Mohan…soon I found out that he now belonged to a band called ‘Agnee’ (reincarnation of yesteryear Agni)…which he formed with another friend of mine Arijit and Koko, a guitarist whom I admire since my college days. In the next week or more I had bought 16 copies of Agnee’s album and distributed to friends whom I thought would enjoy Agnee’s music…I urge everyone to listen to them…some really neat music happenning there!

Apart from Agnee’s music, what impressed me was the mixing and mastering of the album… while the album was recorded and mixed by reputed engineer Nitin Joshi, the mastering was by Ty DeGroff from The Final Sound studios, Albequerque. It took me days to get out of my agreement with the previous mastering engineer in France and then with some gracious help from Nitin Joshi, I finally managed to get in touch with Ty DeGroff. He was not only prompt in his responses to my emails, I also was lucky to find that he was free to take up my project immeiately. I managed to send the final mixes of the album and the moneys (which was very reasonable) to The Final Sound yesterday night.

The Chef is at work..the final seasoning will be ready before the coming Wednesday. I am sure it will taste good…real good!


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