RDP Rocks NIFT!!! Review by Altaf.B

Monday March 26, 2007

This was posted in the write-in section….but damn it was so long that it deserved to be on the blog!!! Here it goes…completely unedited version.

Althaf B – Freaking amazin performance..!!
I was bought up in a very orthodox setting, outside India..So every minute of freetime would be spend outdoors. Never had time for music at all. However now I have been in bangalore for past 2 years or so..Working and staying alone have given me time to finally sit and listen to a couple of tracks before crashing for the nite. The appreciation for music came automatically during my stay here. The respect for different kinds of music naturally came with the maturity that comes about from discovering life on your own.

A friend who studies in NIFT invited me for the show yesterday. Thats where I caught you guys in the act. Was I blown away or wat??.. The show was absolutely amazing. I really didnt know where to place your music man.. Indian folk, Pop, rock.. the fusion of all this by your little ” Project ”, as you call it, was simply mind blowing, nothing like I have ever heard before.

Sandeep was brilliant with the flute. He kept adding that touch which reminds you of your roots a lot, that you are an Indian first..

Siva.. Freaking amazin both with the band and when he went solo.. I am sure everyone noticed the intensity of his performance which was also clearly shown on his face.

Rahul.. again never seen anybody capture such a young crowd as easily as he did with just the help of his tabla.. The way he was playing, I really though either the tabla or his head would be rolling on the floor, cause he kept jerking it so much man… The combination of Siva and Rahul, even though brief, was again a masterpiece.. even though I have heard and seen the above fusion on the tube.. seeing it live was truly an experience..

Gaurav.. dude your dressing sense is super cool. never seen any one headbangin wearing a lungi before man.. supercool performance with the occasional jumpin was carried off perfectly…

Anirban…Man YOU RULE!!. Absolutely F@#$%#G brilliant. On certain numbers played, the way the focus goes onto him and the way he handles that pressure is amazing..At times, it felt as though he was stealing the attention of the crowd with his skills in between certain numbers. A small package.. however a very big punch.

And Finally Raghu, Dude you almost sound too good at times.. the way you handled the crowd showed a lot about you.. The Dedication you showed for each track showed a lot about your Music.

Am really sorry for just one thing. I didnt catch the name of the Violin Guy. When the band entered the stage, the first person i saw was him.. was thinking whats a violin doing in a rock show. However the way in which he added his touch was really unexpected. Never really expected the violin to play such an important role. He was really good.

On the whole a Kick ass presentation of really good music that really touches the heart at times making it go pump.. pump.. pump… pump.. at the same time sending shivers down your spine and also noticed it touching the head at times too making it go bang, bang, bang, bang all the time( your last song at NIFT was evidence enough of that.. My neck and my back have started paining already and from the feel of it.. have to wait for atleast 4-5 days to recover from that… )

You guys have really made a difference with your music. its mind blowing man.. super kudos to all of you for the dedication and skills shown yesterday… waiting for future shows and off course..your yet to be released Album.. will definately pick up a copy when realeased.


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