Tuesday February 20, 2007

After a long long time, we played for a college show and most apprehensions that bands have about playing college shows came true for us! But that was not the end of it … the concert we played on the the 17th at NITK Surathkal’s Incident ‘07 was one of the best in recent times!

Its always fun to travel out of Bangalore and meet new audiences and add to that an energetic college crowd and its a performer’s dream! So we headed to the beautiful shores of Surathkal after finishing up a lot of last minute work here and completely sleep deprived!!

Well the whole sound check fiasco and the wait for getting the stage set up did take a bit of our enthusiasm away but then, it is always to be expected in these situations I guess.

When we did finally get started with sound check and setting up the whole thing, it was quite a big relief and after a few ‘management issues’ were sorted out, we went through the sound check getting quite a nice feel for the open air theatre and the sound itself.

A quick shower and a light snooze and some wonderful Mangalore Bajji’s and we were all set to rock and roll! When we arrived at the venue, NITK was playing a basketball match with Christ College and the OAT was absolutely empty when we went up and did a quick sanity check of the stage and saw that everything was in place like we wanted. Towards the end of our little check, we saw a huge flow of people from the entrance rushing in which was quite a nice feeling! its always fun to play for a full house!

We went back and got into our attire, and were out to entertain! The crowd was with us right from the first song! Anirban, the performer of the night was being sent a lot of love and affection from the wonderful bunch of ladies on his side and everywhere I could see in the front, it was a PARTY!!

Chants for ‘Raghu-Bhai’ and some inspired singing from the crowd got Raghu in his element and the show took a very energetic pace with Shiva being absolutely spot on and flawless with the drumming. I had to engage everyone in some chit chat when Raghu-Bhai managed to break his ‘E-String’ (sadly!! for all you ladies 😉 ) and had to fix it right there on stage and re-tune the guitar which went off quite decently I think!

When Raghu finally called the ladies on stage for the showdown and the guys who were feeling left out as well … I think we were stress testing the stage construction. There were more people on stage with me for that song than I’ve seen in my entire time with the band and it was a complete blast with new people joining every second!!
This show was a complete blast and a HUGE round of thanks to everyone who attended, a big ‘wink and a “how you doing?!?”’ from Anirban to all the ladies and whole lot of love from Raghu to everyone waiting so patiently for the first album .. make sure you grab your copy when its out … VERY SOON!!

Watch this space for a lot more .. I keep swearing to myself that I will write here more often but I guess this time I will keep my word. Send us your comments and tell all your friends and anyone and everyone about us … and keep coming back!

Keep the Groove!



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