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MTV Alert – Shot 2

After a very nice experience at the first location, we couldn’t wait to see what awaited us at location 2!

The whole crew and us packed up everything to go to location 2 which we were told would be a deserted railway station. Now don’t get me wrong .. but why would there be a deserted railway station in the middle of a HUGE film set in Panvel? all of us thought it was a sure shot prank (well .. atleast I did!) and that there was some prank being planned … but we went along nevertheless ..

What we saw when we reached there was quite unreal .. right there in the middle of nowhere were 4 train coaches and I mean real train coaches and a proper retro railway station which was fully customizable for a film crew depending on the shoot you want!! The train was just kept there mounted on some springs and the station was complete with the clock and a few stores on the side and everything! and the train itself was from ‘Lahore to Amritsar’!! and the station was marked as ‘Atari’, a station which is actually on the India Pakistan border!

Siva as usual was in his element and we decided it was time to start using the train and the station as a prop and enact popular train and railway station cliche’s. It started out with Siva being a politician who had just landed in a village and was doing the customary ‘Namaste’ to his entourage and moved on to a very popular scene down south in railway stations … the bunch of old men sitting by the railway tracks and drinking their coffee with a spoonful of conversation! but as you can see here … we had quite a tough time looking authentic on that one!! especially me … who can’t fake it to save my life!!

The most authentic one of the lot has to be Siva who sat in the train and decided to act like the ‘Pissed Off Old Man’ who was just throwing his attitude around! and he looked the part ;)

It was tons of fun with all of us rolling with laughter and we had some nice ideas for the shoot. Raghu was still doing some solo singing at the first location while the crew just began setting up here. So we were all set for a super shot 2.More about the shoot itself in a post to follow …

Full fun the show … full yenjoy the show!

The line ‘full fun the show .. full yenjoy the show’ with a thumbs up on each had become part of the band’s lingo now after Jithin one fine day said that to the camera during an MTV interview after our Lycra MTV Style awards performance!! He had absolutely everyone in splits with that one!

The fun and enjoyment from our launch carried over to the next day when we played in ‘Hard Rock Cafe – Mumbai’ for the launch of the Rolling Stone Magazine in India. It was a night where the who’s who of Rock and Roll in India got together to belt some very popular Rock’n’Roll tunes and we were probably the ones that din’t fit in there at all!

But that din’t stop us … infact, we were all the more geared to get up there and give the audience something they had never expected or experienced that night!

We quickly got changed into our trademark colourful clothing right from the lungis to the funky kurtas and proceeded to get on stage and rock the house!!! we had everyone jumping and screaming by the end of the very short 2 song set that we got to play .. but it was completely worth it!!

We spent the rest of the night singing along with all our favourite bands including Zero (All of us from the band were seeing Zero live for the first time!!), Pentagram, Indus Creed etc .. It was a truly memorable night in the history of Indian Rock’n’Roll … the first time something like this had ever taken place!

PS: The rest of the photographs are available on the Facebook Page of Rolling Stone Magazine


MTV Alert

The Raghu Dixit Project is being featured on MTV all of this month on MTV Alert. This is an 8 minute clip which will play 2-3 times a day all of March on MTV … so make sure you tune in for this!!

The clip will have an exclusive interview with Raghu and also exclusive footage of the band playing and some super scenes created for the music that we make .. I shall dedicate the next few posts to describe this shoot in some detail ..


We were told to report at the venue at 7AM for the sunrise shot by the river. It was quite a struggle, but we made it on time only to find out it would be a sunset shot instead!! but then the entire MTV crew was on location and some wonderful breakfast was ready .. so we had nothing to complain about .. we promptly ate to our hearts content, drank some super ‘kadak chai’ that was in infinite supply and went to our rooms for a snooze!

Our clothes were taken and ironed and everything was set and everyone was waiting for the first location to be set and the director to call us!

Shot 1

The scene for the first shot was magical! the setting was perfect and the entire location and the lights rocked!! I have no words to describe this .. you have to see the picture yourself .. it was basically in the middle of a Bamboo Grove with some ‘holy thread’ tied around different bamboo shoots randomly … the entire place was strewn with dry bamboo leaves and there was some smoke being artificially fed into the shot … when we first went there and saw it … I must tell you … it blew our minds!

The band had to walk through the place like we were on a journey and also Raghu had to sing a few songs there and we were on to shot 2 …

The Album is on Sale!!!

The day has finally arrived! the album is on sale! and for those of you who have waited along with us … and now can wait no longer … here it is!! has started stocking and selling the album and everyone … HEAD THERE and get your copy! The first batch will run out soon … so get it NOW!!!

Once you buy the album, send us a photograph of you with the album and we will feature a few interesting photographs on the blog!!!And also … don’t forget your reviews of the album … send them to music at raghudixit dot com or just leave it as a comment here for everyone to see!

People seem to like us :)

The lovely folks at OML and BabelFish decided to give copies of our album to a few bigwigs in the music industry so that they could listen and tell us what they felt about the music and other things … Not surprisingly, they had some very good things to say as you can see here …


Mommy I’m on TV!!

NDTV gave its viewers an exclusive pre-launch look at the album and an interview with Raghu from the venue at the Eastwind Festival.

Here is Raghu explaining the concept of the ‘Bonus CD’ and the other contents of the album on air. Also, keep an eye out for our humble boy as the album was receiving rave reviews by the NDTV host :)

Still to come … Tons of pics and stories from the MTV Alert photoshoot, the testimonial from all of Bollywood (well … most of Bollywood atleast) .. So watch this space!

The CD has begun surfacing!

So we just got back from playing at the Eastwind Festival and as we were getting ready to go to the festival, Raghu started getting messages from people congratulating him about the album and how lovely they thought it looked and stuff like that!

A visibly shocked Raghu made a few calls and it turns out, the Counter Culture store at the festival decided it was time to start getting the CDs out! and had actually started selling CDs!!!!!

So its official people … the CD IS OUT!!!! The official launch is on 26th in Bombay and the CD will be available at a store near you … very soon! But the CD is out and its time you guys who got it started telling us and everyone else what you thought of it.

These are a few pictures to whet your appetite, of the album on sale and the first few fans to buy it in Delhi! We clearly outsold any other artiste on sale at the EastWind Festival … Now we’re hoping that will happen country wide!

Raghu made quite a few fans today and signed many autographs and most importantly, the wait is finally over! and this time there is no more postponement …

We now step into the next chapter!


One week to go!

It began as a murmur a LONG LONG time back and like a good broth, it was prepared slowly!

And now there is no turning back and no pushing it forward either (atleast that seems to be the case from here!). Its exactly one week left to the launch of the debut album and the magnitude of it is finally beginning to hit us! Its just one week for everything to go euphorically crazy!

The album as you already know is under the ‘Vishal-Shekhar Music’ label and is being distributed by HMV Saregama and should be hitting stores very close to where you are very soon! I am being bombarded with questions about the availability of the album and online sales. I promise to find out about the same and post here ASAP.

For now, please give us any innovative ideas that you can think of to market the album and get it into as many people’s hands as possible. Right from BitTorrent to Flash Mobs, let us hear your ideas and lets try to implement as many of them!

From here, I will give you one story about the album each day … so make sure you come back here often!

The comments section is waiting for you .. go there and let me hear your ideas!


Something’s Brewing!

Its been a really really long time since we played in Namm Ooru ‘Bengaluru’ and it seems quite strange to have a show in the town we are from! But we are .. and that is the good news!

BrewHaHa in Koramangala is where all the action will happen, so come there early if you want a realistic chance at sitting and watching us, but then who sits and watches us anyway!

Date: Saturday, February 16, 2008
Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Koramangala – Next to Jyoti Nivas College!
Street: JNC Road
City/Town: Bangalore, India

This is a free show, so there are no tickets, there is limited space so the early birds get to peck first!

PS: Put on your dancing shoes and come in the best of your spirits! its going to be a party!!


The balancing act!

It was over a year ago that I took my first flight with the band, well actually, for me it was the first flight trip ever! I had never flown before that and from that day, I have been flying like I am superman! The ride has been quite crazy …

Now, our band is not your average rock band and so we tend to carry stuff around that most bands don’t! and that includes Siva’s timbale’s and darbouka, the talking drum, a daff, generally .. things that won’t be provided on stage for us.

This requires us to be able to balance our luggage which on a long tour would look something like this

Into the vehicle that has come to pick us up, which could look like this

Naah!! just kidding … thats not happened to us … YET!!But the band has managed to master the fine art of balancing our luggage, and everytime we have to load up a vehicle that has to come pick us up, there is always the right way of doing things so we make use of the space in the most optimum way possible!

For example, look at Raghu here managing his and my luggage on a small airport trolley! What you see in that picture is 3 guitars in their flight cases, one suitcase and one bag with clothes in them, one DSLR bag and 2 shoulder bags (Ofcourse, Raghu’s shoulder bag is on his shoulder! … just in case you were looking ;))

Fitting our band with all its equipment in a single Qualis is not easy … Trust me!

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